EP Review – Holding Against Our Own by English Summer (2022) (Self released)


Janglepophub were first alerted to the potential of this somewhat understated / underrated (not surprising considering his own Bandcamp bio describes himself as having a misanthropic-reclusive nature) after hearing the wonderfully lucid, As You Walked Away (Demos 20​-​21) EP, which forced us to abandon the ‘no demos rule’ that has offered partial protection from the splurge of emails around Bandcamp Friday. See our review here
A mere month later and the superlative work of South Australia’s, Caleb Carr,  continues with a Holding Against Our Own EP, that proffers a feeling of the continuity and resilience of the human spirit amid the darkest of pandemic times and does so using subdued, dulcet, jangle-pop as it’s main conduit.
Initially the simply beautiful An English Summers Days and Kris are both natural bedfellows, both depicting romantic post pandemic, reunion scenes and a timely reminder that the better parts of the human experience will always be worth surviving for. The fact that both tracks flutter with the The Trembling Blue Stars style jangly indie-pop of 80/90s yesterday, just adds to a satisfying, rich feel of love.
This feeling is further augmented by the instrumental tracks of Last September and Celebration which are far more expansive than the aforementioned indie-pop flutter, offering post-punk chunky basslines and resonating chiming riffs respectively. Both seem to feel almost celebratory, providing a gregarious fanfare to the possibility that we are moving on, despite it all.
Of course I could be completely wrong in the above assumptions. Afterall, there is still an essence of slight melancholy edging through the musical discourse, that adds a that sense of fractious double meaning, that much of the best music has…for Caleb Carr has the potential to be among ‘best music’ realms.









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