Beat The Delete #0151 (weekly new music recommendations)




Track: Jansport From: A Superior Athlete (album) Label: Kanine Records  Out: Album out 22.04.22
Paris based foursome bring their jangle-rockiest edge with this superb Smile / Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever style sound of controlled aggression. I cannot wait for this album to hit the ‘stores’ !


Track: Into You From: The Fundamentals of Living (EP) Label: Self released  Out: Now
Spacebugs are an indie pop/rock duo from Melbourne, consisting of Rachel Butler and Reina Trias, who provide an alluring sound that takes on both the Courtney Barnett languid jangle and the adult contempo beauty of Overcoats.

VHS Sports

Track: Tonight From: Summer Moments (EP) Label: BIRTHDIY Out: Now
Mexico City based act, who add darkness to the Castlebeat / The BV’s jangle-gaze sweetness, via rumbling, barely discernible vocals, that strangely add to the ever present oblique beauty.

The Valery Trails

Track: The Benefits of Motion From: Introvert Blues (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Lying equidistant between The Triffids style of distant production and the dulcet jangle-pop of The Rainyard, this act / EP will appeal to all those who prefer their jangle-pop steeped in 80/90s Australiana.


Track: Champagne Lust From: Champagne Lust (single) Label: Self released Out: Album out Now
Somewhere between the robust alt.rock of The Waterboys and late 80s jangly power-pop rock. This Ty Baron recording project grabs your attention from the inital note and never threatens to let go.

Vern Matz

Track: Specters Don’t Sleep From: A Treatise on the Rainbow (album) Label: Nice Guys Records Out: Album out Now
Vern Matz offers the most jangly, melodic slowcore-gaze mix, that the world has ever seen ! Always beautiful, always different, this duo were my favourite ‘find’ of 2021.

Makeout City

Track: Fadeout From: Fadeout (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Orchard Mantis style, isolated mix of jangle-gaze and haunting post-punk / dream-pop. This sound is as melancholy as it is beautiful.

Heaven’s Cameras

Track: Waited For You From: Shutters Firing (album) Label: Repeating Cloud Out: Now
The Repeating Cloud label is not really interested in the whole ‘mainstream’ sound….as such they gamble upon the weirder end of the ‘brilliance spectrum’, like this superb Nick Cave meets guitar pop act.

St Cyrus

Track: Sink or Swim From: Sink or Swim (single) Label: Philophobia Music Out: Now
Marrying the sweet jangle of the East Village sound to the more gregarious classic  jangle of The Rembrandts, this act / track will appeal to all those who love their jangle-pop at it’s most 90s traditional.


Track: A Lovely Scar From: A Lovely Scar (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Compilation of treasures from the brief, yet brilliant C86, Orange Juice style meets The Smiths sounds, of this mid 80s Newcastle act, is the find of the year so far for me.


Track: A Terrible Town From: Photolyte (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
There is never much to Hamlet, the recording project of Cincinnati’s, Chris Wales. Just floating jangled riffs, hushed vocals and melody. Such minute inputs never disguise his massive talent though. Guitar pop at its absolute finest.

Collective Fear

Track: Victimless Crime From: Victimless Crime (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
A beautiful mix of gaze, fuzz, reverb and distortion, as well as the sweeter end of The Cocteau Twins sound. All infused with the sweetest of fragile jangled riffs and  lucid synths. 

Spring Reverb

Track: Mercury Sign Detriment From: Mercury Sign Detriment (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
The Spotify bio is perfect to describe all I want to say !…”Spring Reverb is the homemade recording project of Portland, Oregon-based auteur, Devan Kochersperger. Inspired by the sproingy-splashy sounds of the analog effect his moniker takes its name from, Spring Reverb recalls a mirage of ’60s SoCal pop nostalgia bathed in a lofi wash of tape psychedelia”

Splendid Fake

Track: Scrapbook Saint From: Scrapbook Saint (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Irish act that touch on every reference point between Belle and Sebastian twee-pop and the best of late 80s new wave and offering something of a difference to all music that jangles with its fragile, Baxter Dury disinterest and mesmerizing cool

Andrew Eason

Track: Henderson From: Volume 2: Gunshots or Fireworks (Single) Label: Self released Out: No
Built to Spill style fuzzy, lo-fi jangle, juxtaposed against the jangle rock of Ryan Allen’s solo project, providing a totally engaging and original sound from this Indianapolis native.

The Kiwis

Track: Alone Together From: Alone Together (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Fluttering, incidental jangled riffs, meets a decidedly Pale Lights style croon and  groove inflected melodic smoothness. Total earworm territories are visited by this Syracuse, New York, duo.

Captain Rico & The Ghost Band

Track: Dracula on a Skateboard From: Fréquences d’outre-tombe (album) Label: Self released Out: Album release date TBA
Surf rock the way the gods originally intended it to sound. All early 60s, dense rumbling riffs and oozing sunshine!

Brian Lambert

Track: Something To Believe From: Something To Beleieve (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Lo-fi, fuzz-laden pop rock, that jangles in every conceivable place, yet still retains an air of languid melancholy. Lambert does modern pop-rock without frills and pretences, just relying on his lived in voice and superb musicianship.

Man City Sirens

Track: Love Is So Sweet From: Love Is So Sweet (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Sweet mixture of classic rock and the janglier end of the Brit-pop era, from a Melbourne based act whose sole intent appears to be to provide beautiful melodies in every track.


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