Jangle Jukebox #0001 – The Best of recent singles


Appleseeds (Ditte Duus and Kasper Clemmensen) are two-thirds of the food obsessed, Copenhagen based twee-pop outfit, Tampopo, who appeared to have branched out into another gloriously ‘cardigan project’.
All perfectly downtrodden, slightly dispassionate and heaving with miniscule melodies and Kimya Dawson / Adam Green male female vocal interplay, this is the sound of an act whose mission to get all things jangly-twee of the 90s so very obviously correct, appears to be paying dividends.
Let’s hope this two track, Demo single, is not the last we hear from them.

Just over a year after the brilliance of their North Street Air album hoisted the Holiday Ghosts onto all the ‘best of 2021’ lists that really matter, this Falmouth (UK) based act are back with the title track from a Credit Note EP, that is due to be released on Fatcat Records on 27 July 2022.
The single feels more C86, more ramshackle and decidedly more dynamic than I have ever heard them before, but it still retains the inimitable sense of indie-cool, that has been such a natural part of their persona for the last five years!

The June 2022 release from the always reliable (and certainly the most industrious jangle-pop label in the indie world) Meritorio Records, is the Carried Away album by Alabama’s, Slack Times.
As a compilation release this album includes 9 new tracks, alongside a couple of previously released EP’s. Hopefully, this superlative Look At You single, will typify the braggard, boisterous, crystal clear, jangled brilliance of the entire album.

After the simply superb debut Blood on the Tracks album (2018) and the lockdown released Johnny full length of 2021, the brilliant New Orleans based duo, Lawn, (Mac Folger – Guitar/Vocals and Rui De Magalhães – Bass/Vocals duo) are teaming up with Born Yesterday Records to release the Bigger Sprout album, in July 2022.
Whilst never losing their signature jangly, slacker-pop appeal, this Down single appears to promise a slightly more musically complex sound, that hints at a newly acquired maturity and thrives upon genuine jangly beauty.

After the brillance of the recent Mick Trouble release (check out the Mick Trouble’s Second LP if you have not already) Arizona’s Emotional Response label, now seem determined to continue their excellent form, with the release of two vastly different singles.
Initially, Fleetwood Mac Are Shite, by long time Indie-poppers, Boyracer, is one of those rollicking singles that feel like a crazed C86 mash up augmented with indie politico. This is the musical apparition of someone plainly getting something passionate of their chest…and let’s face it, it needed to be said!

At the other end of the Emotional Response lexicon is the beautiful sounds of Lande Hekt. All Girl on Red, Snail Mail and Soccer Mommy in beautiful introspection, on Romantic (A-side), Hekt augments this sense of indie chic, with extra attention to jangled riffs and melodies.
B-side, Octopussy, is the best cover version of this The Wedding Present track you are ever likely to hear, with its truncated rhythms and chiming jangle.



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