EP Review – Everything Is by Coming Up Roses (2022) (Spikyfruits)


I was first alerted to the Singaporean, Spikyfruits label, via the first single they released in November 2021. This Y/OURS by Saints Among Sinners, was all wonderfully sweet late 80’s jangly indie-pop, that just about nibbled away at the fringes of shoegaze.
Everything Is by Coming up Roses is their next release (the first that tiptoes into the longer EP format) and seems to indicate that that the labels musical modus operandi / signature sound, seems intent on becoming the sound of south east asian ‘jangly saccharine’.
As such, the release presents three different naunces of indie beauty. Initially the best of the EP is heard in Glass Stained Eyes and Slingshots. Here the vocals of Emily Sera resonate with the sound of the most revered chanteuses of jangly indie-pop yesteryear, such as Wendy Pickles (The Popguns) and Mary Wyer (Even As We Speak), as they carried along on a The Sundays sense of sensuous mystique.
However, as omnipresent as all things pretty are, this is not just a one trick/tempo release. As such opener, All Our Time crashes out of a sumptuous Babygirl style sparsity, into the sort of massive, jangly dream-pop of Hater, whereas the walls of guitars distortion and melodic juxtaposition of Seventeen Years Old and Berlin Wall is heard in the closing Would You Ever.
An act and label, that is very likely to reward your pressing of every follow button you can find!






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