Album Review – Deep in View by Cola (2022) (Fire Talk Records)


Cola are Tim Darcy & Ben Stidworthy who were once of the critically acclaimed, post-punk act Ought, who are joined on drums by U.S Girls drummer Evan Cartwright.
Essentially, this could be considered a continuation of the sound of Ought, with the post punk fractious replaced by a more rounded art punk sound, that dips deep into the alternative jangle-pop frequencies, whilst still gently clasping TO the fringes of Post-Punk, rather than grabbing them tightly.
As such Blank Curtain and At Pace babble with a lo-tempo sense of dank, semi spoken word disinterest and subtle twisted riffs, that beguiles from with the intensity that it creates from such modest musical inputs.
As the tempo moves into more frustrated mid-fi rhythms, the twisted riffs and fractured rhythms of a Lewsberg meets Primo! style alt. jangle is heard in a mid album triple salvo of Degree, Water Table and Gossamer, that represents the absolute best of Deep in View.
Fans of the mid 80s sounds of post-punk acts like APB or A Certain Ratio will also enjoy the groove inflected post-punk and chunky groove-inflected basslines of So Excited and Fulton Park, which is the nearest thing such an oppressive genre will ever come to the notion of ‘danceable’.
Of course, if you are not someone who can revel in the more alternative nuances that the jangle-pop genre can provide, then this may not be for you. However, for those of us with a spirit that embraces the obtuse, this is possibly the best alternative jangle-pop album this year.









One comment

  1. Love it! Is it too facile to say I’m reminded of the Velvet Underground? I love how the bass cuts through. Seriously great mix.


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