EP Review – Swingshift EP by R.E.Seraphin (Mt.St.Mtn, Tear Jerk Records, Dandy Boy Records and Safe Suburban Home)


You know you have become something of an ‘indie darling’ (in the very coolest sense of the term) when your new EP is released by four labels famed for still possessing the biggest of indie hearts and contains contributions by members of the Mantles, Tony Molina, Cocktails and Yea-Ming and The Rumours.
Of course, it is all hugely deserved for R.E.Seraphin as he follows up the sheer brilliance of his Tiny Shapes (2020) album with an extensively musically layered EP of guitar-pop that simply refuses to nestle easily into the confines of genre parameters.
The very best of Swingshift is represented by Playing House, The Virtue of Being Wrong and the cover of The Television Personalities, This Time There’s No Happy Ending. Here Seraphin’s vocals course their typical mix of Daniel Treacey and Marc Bolan through a power-pop meets fuzz, that harks at modern greats such as Parker Longbough and Mo Troper.
However, his refuse to settle for the sheer vibrant allure of the abovementioned sound is omnipotent in the release, with the slide guitar of Stuck in Reno offering a alt country detour, with equally surprising forays into other areas of guitar-pop heard in the superlative, chime-laden, stand out of The Virtue of Being Wrong and the motorik post-punk of I’ll Be Around, that will appeal to all those who love their fuzz and jangle served on a more alternative platter.
Along with Mo Troper and Parker Longbough, R.E. Seraphin is helping to ensure a wonderful modern renaissance for power-pop / fuzz pop and we are lucky to be a part of it.





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