Beat The Delete #0167 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks for joining us for BTD0167 as we continue the best of the new music that has recently been submitted to us…We hope you enjoy!

The Ashenden Papers

Track: The River Highway From: Spring (single) Label: Secret Center Records Out: Now
Long time readers of the blog will know of my love of this project and indeed all things Jason Dezember (Plastic Shoelaces, Bagpipe Operation, Ski Instructors). This wonderful jangly indie-pop single is one of several released from a forthcoming album to be released later in the year.

Former Friend

Track: Who Knew From: Who Knew (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Former Friend offer a jangle-fuzz sound that nestles somewhere between the teen rebellion propensities of Mitski and the driven indie rock of Biitchseat. Glorious controlled mayhem!

The Orchids

Track: This Boy Is A Mess From: Dreaming Kind (album) Label: Skep Wax  Out: 02 September 2022
This first single from The Orchids first album since 2014 and their first with the Rob Pursey / Amelia Fletchers Skep Wax label, sees them replace much of their trade mark jangle-pop flutter for perfect, laconic sophisti-pop arrangements. Beautiful as always though !

Palm Ghosts

Track: Amaya From: Amaya (single) Label: Ice Queen Records Out: Now
This Nashville based foursome create a stunning, almost sultry mix of The Church style jangly post-punk, married to an Ian McCulloch style vocal theatricality that acts as a subtle guide into the cinematic.

Hause Plants

Track: Small Talk From: Sleeping With Weird People (EP) Label: Spirit Goth Records Out: EP out end of June 2022
This Brooklyn based Portuguese act, course chunky, resonating jangled riffs through beautifully slight modern post-punk textures. It’s a sound akin to the sweeter end of RGV and DIIV, with every semblance of bombast removed.

Vagrant Sabbatical

Track: Grace in Rome From: Grace in Rome (single) Label: Making New Enemies Out: Now
This solo project of Mendocino, California’s , Daniel Fulham, grates semi spoken word emotionality through beautiful, jangled riffs that flutter despite the dulcet melancholy. Its the sort of stunning sound Novocaine for the Soul era, Eels perfected…with extra doeful jangle.

Hai Chairs

Track: Not Going Out From: No Room For A Sequel (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
This London based duo could well be taking their place alongside modern lo-fi, jangle-fuzz greats like Mo Troper and Ray Seraphin anytime soon, if this superb track is any indication.

Jordan C. Weinstock

Track: go forth find hope grow wings (feat. new found friends) From: oh my god oh my god (me and my smile you and yours) (EP) Label: Heavenly Creature Records Out: EP out 15.07.22
This side project of the American Poetry Club‘s, Jordan C. Weinstock, offers an alluring mix of modern day fuzz rock and jangled riffs, juxtaposed against the incessant, whirring indie cool of the Neutral Milk Hotel sound.

The Wits

Track: Memory From: Memory (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
With an abrasive indie rock air of all manner of mid 2000s Manchester (UK) type acts, married to the extra nuance of jangled riffs, this is the sound of the only thing that was ‘really’ missing from the Postcard Revival era.

Girl Time

Track: Yours From: Yours (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This project of siblings Michaela and Ian Vachuska takes the jangly, slowcore aesthetic of the Fine type sound and adds even more stunning, lo-fi, languidity.

Random Dudes

Track: Cheveux Des Riches From: Cheveux Des Riches (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Gloriously original mash of Yo La Tengo / Pavement flat stringed riffs and Late Note / Daniel Johnston skew, charity shop pop. One of my fave singles of the year so far !

Jesse D’Kora

Track: Any Other Night From: Any Other Night (single) Label: Doink Out: Now
This prolific Manchester artist staves off any alarms about over-famiiarity by sheer virtue of the fact that all of his frequent singles, always seem to have ‘that jangled riff’, that just pulls you in and never lets go!

We Ahr

Track: En Episod From: En Episod (single) Label: En Episod Out: Now
Swedish duo, offering early 90s era The Cure plinking jangle, juxtaposed with the spacious isolation of the Markus Krunegård vibe, to give a beautifully ethereal angle to jangly indie-pop.

Blue Cove

Track: Thrive From: Thrive (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Chicago based DIY act take slight, almost tinny jangled riffs and gradually engulf them in the sort of subtle shoegaze inflection that only servr to accentuate the beauty of the sound rather than totally dominate it.


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