Beat The Delete #0176 (weekly new music recommendations)


Welcome to Bete The Delete 0176 bringing you 15 of our favourite tracks from recent submissions. We hope you find a new favourite and they ease you into a perfect weekend.

Orphan Train Project

Track: Parasol  From: Parasol (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Described in the bands’ self penned promo as “Sad bastard music from Melbourne, Australia”, this beautiful sound marries the hushED quiet melancolia of an act like Fine to the subtle indie-pop jangle of The Go-Betweens.

Slaney Bay

Track: Take Your Time Single  From: Take Your Time (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
With gradually developing jangled guitar riffs that shift between dreampop inflections and indie-rock muscular, this London based threesome make absolute beauty out varying shifts of the soft/loud dynamic.

Daydream Johnny

Track: Tommy  From: Tommy (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Phoenixville, Pennsylvannia based solo artist, drenches his beautiful dream-pop aesthetic in gaze laden reverb and perfect jangled riffs that are always dominant in the melancholic tension.


Track: Flake  From: How It Ends (album) Label: Grand Jury Music Out: Album out 23.09.22
Although this project of lifelong friends, Dan Álvarez de Toledo and Jordan Dunn-Pilz has only really been releasing music since the original lockdowns, the sheer critical acclaim afforded the brilliance of their Jockeys of Love EP and Hotstuff album, means the forthcoming How It Ends album is eagerly awaited.
This fourtn single from the album does nothing to dampen such enthusiasm.

Bo Milli

Track: How It Is  From: How It Is (Single) Label: MADE Management Out: Now
Marrying the rumbling jangle rock of The Beths to the washed out, lo-fi charm of the Soccer Mommy vibe, this Norwegian threesome, led by Emilie Østebø, are already receiving all manner of critical acclaim, just two singles into their career !


Track: Trophy Case  From: Psalms to Strip To (EP) Label: Temporal Records Out: Now
Jangle-rock propelled by both the brilliant song writing of Corey Sustarich and percussion that never gives up it’s rhytmic batterings for a nano-second. A truly enthralling track from a superb EP.

Bummer Camp

Track: So Last Year  From: Bummer Camp (EP) Label: Self released Out: EP out 26 August 2022
Imagine the bludgeoning jangle-rock tendencies of the early Kiwi Jr releases, married to the slightest of jangle-gaze / post-punk inflections and you are just about in the right musical ballpark of this superb Eli Frank project.

Jet City Sports Club

Track: Green Thumb  From: Green Thumb (Single) Label: Access Out: Now
Adding that perfect sense of Aussie laconic cool to the swirling, lush jangly indie-pop of The Sundays, this Sydney based foursome are probably just a full length release away from the recognition they undoubtedly deserve.

Long Tall Jefferson & Aloa Input

Track: Everything Lost In Space From: Everything Lost In Space (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Summed up perfectly by the promo they submitted:
“Certainly the collaboration of cloud folk song writer Long Tall Jefferson and Future Kraut combo Aloa Input must sound like a tomorrow’s train ride: soft and strange, epic and dreamy.
Robotique Dylan guitars rise like a rainbow, a Mac de Marco drum beat comes along like a mellow cloud front and there comes Long Tall Jefferson, one of Switzerlands most beautiful voices, a tireless traveler and folk poet in the best sense.”

Nature TV

Track: Treading Water From: Treading Water (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Brighton, UK, based foursome straddle the gap between indie-pop and laconic psyche-pop with all manner of beautiful Real Estate style jangled riffs.

Bryan Dubay

Track: Detritus From: Detritus (EP) Label: Admirable Traits Records Out: Now
Buffalo’s, Bryan Dubay, drops his indietronica flourishes to maximum effect on this track, as his twinkling acoustic intro slides into a glorious mix of jangly pop rock and fuzz laden Elliott Smith melancholia.

Lizard Brain Trust

Track: Gave Up From: Gave Up (single) Label: Dumb Ghost Recordings Out: Now
Those of you loving the recent spate of gaze laden, C86 inspired, The Photocopies releases, should pay attention to this act…as you may well have just found your latest musical darling !

Peppermint Moon

Track: Foxy Friends From: Foxy Friends (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Mixing a sense of Neutral Milk Hotel production and vocal delivery, with fuzzy pop- rock, this solo recording project of San Francisco’s, Colin Schlitt, regularly reaches the coolest of melodic touch points.

Gold Tokens

Track: Bombe Nights From: Bombe Nights (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Based in York (UK) indie surf rock band, Gold Tokens, is led by guitarist/multi instrumentalist Thomas Ravanetti. Juxtaposing traditional US style surf riffs with African jangled melodies/rhythms, this sound is truly something original.

Zach Phillips

Track: Worshipers From: Goddaughters (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Filling the music hinterland between John McCabe style emotionality and Dropkick’s ‘melodic power-pop’ with subtle jangled riffs, San Diego’s Zach Phillips provides one of the most beautiful sounds / song writing presence around.


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