Beat The Delete #0177 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks for joining us for Beat The Delete #0177 bringing you a dozen new tracks that beat the delete (button) …we hope you find a new favourite to explore this weekend !

Tucker Bingo

Track: Bruce Bacci  From: Crypto Shock (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
It is hard to imagine anything janglier than this, unless it was a re-make of ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’ or the theme tune to Friends. Married to the suave muscularity of stadium indie vocals (reminds me of Brandon Flowers) this is the ultimate big indie earworm

Pleasing Forms

Track: Burning A Hole in a Solution  From:  Filling in the Skeleton (album) Label: Psychodaisy Records Out: Now
Despite being from Philadelpha, this Todd Thomas solo project does that Triple J / Australiana / Flying Nun dulcet jangle with the best of them, whilst intermittently sliding piercing 80s electric riffs into the mix. The entire album is superb.

Ian Hinkley

Track: Comfort  From:  Guy Wonder (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
I drink once a week. On a Friday night with my mates at our local pub. The rest of the week I am husband, father and general adult. Why? “It’s Comfort”…one listen of this ultimate leftfield feelgood song and you will know what I mean.


Track: The Time It Takes  From: The Time It Takes (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
After the success of their beautiful Once Home, No Longer album from last year, this Hartlepool (UK) based act are back with their most mellow body of work yet. Imagine Fleetwood Mac performing Dropkick songs…

Strawberry Generation

Track: Miss Me From: Miss Me (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Regret laden melancolia, shrouded in the sort of stunning beauty that was so prevalent in their 2020, Afloat release and a natural consequence of when gaze, jangle and dream-pop find exactly the right mix.


Track: i don’t think the u​.​n. is out to get you / call​-​in shows From: i don’t think the u​.​n. is out to get you / call​-​in shows (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Does a Pavement style, slack stringed sunshine laden surf-rock aesthetic, that unravels itself in retro, ‘something-track’ production, appeal to you? If so this solo project of Chicago’s Cody Knauer should appeal.

Culture Vulture

Track: Black Sea Gold From: Black Sea Gold (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Continuing with the slack stringed appeal, this Netherlands based act twist glorious dynamism, fuzz and faux melodies out of their ever incessant overdriven guitars.

Midwestern Medicine

Track: Rocket Launcher From: The Gold Baton (Single) Label: Self released Out: Album out 30 Sept 2022.
Imagine Neutral Milk Hotel in a superbly perverse relationship with Hamell on Trial and/or Dan Sartain, then augment it with slight hints of jangled riffs and fuzz rock modernity and you will just about be in the musical ballpark of this truly original act.


Track: Pizza Girl From: Pizza Girl  (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
50s pop-rock / jangle shrouded in a west coast surf-pop sense of gentile, that was so typical of the era. One for your ‘perfect 2 minute pop collection’, from this project of Halifax singer-songwriter David Archibald.

Eddy Delbridge

Track: Do Nothing Day From: Do Nothing Day  (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
For those who like their pop on The Hepburns sophisti-pop end of twee, Eddy Delbridge provides justabout every feelgood vibe you could imagine’


Track: Hard On Us From: Hard On Us  (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
A melodic fusion of jangle, post-punk and muscular dream-pop. This sound is typical of that superb mid 80s essence, where jangle-pop was gradually emerging from the era post-punk density.

Aaanna Japanese Special

Track: Cider From: Cider (Single) Label: Friendship Out: Now
Tight, isolated basslines, married to tinny riffs and an Asobi Seksu Sstyle oriental vocal sweetness, that is as fey as coy twee could ever be. Somethiong very different from the orient.


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