Album Review – Under All Skies by Old Moon (2022) (Relief Map Records)


Old Moon is the project of Vermont’s Tom Weir, who has released five EPs and two previous album before this, superb third, Under All Skies album, that justifies his Discogs tagline of “Specializing in all things jangly/post-punk/etc”.
Gently cherry-picking through a mid 80s era where The Wake and The Chameleons were rapidly turning post-punk into jangle-pop, without leaving any route of return, Dark Blue Morning, Consecrated and Harbor resonate with lucid jangled riffs, echoed production and a sense of cinematic that was so becoming of the era and has been wonderfully replicated by recent acts such as Atmos Bloom and Letting Up Despite Great Faults.
Whilst the above sound is respendent in its subdued vibrancy, Candle, All It Takes and Crowned In Laurel drift deeper into dark, danker atmospheres. Still resplendent, the beauty now emanates from a theatrical emotionality that hints at Echo and the Bunnymen and the juddering melodies of early The Cure.
Whilst the recent jangle-gaze movement has hinted at the sound, it is great to see the first true rumbling of a genuine revival in this jangly post-punk aesthetic and Old Moon are the definitely the perfect flag bearer.






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