Album Review – Emerald Green by The The Click Beetles (2022) (Futureman Records)


The Click Beetles are Detroits’ Dan Pavelich (The Bradburys) and Van Dyke Brown and was formed as a vehicle to release Pavelich’s power-pop persuasions that always hint at  everything that was so perfect about the genre in the 60s, 70s and 80s. This in itself is refreshing as every other second act seems to be a Teenage Fanclub tribute these days.
Initially, the superlative majority of the album is best represented by Modern Girl, the stand out of Goodbye Margot, View of You and What You Do. Power-pop at it’s most lucid, this is the sound of the janglier/sedate end of The Raspberries catalogue and as 70s as the genre could possibly be.
However, the very best of the Emerald Green is undoubtedly heard when the guitar crunch diminishes a tad. Here, With Tears and Natalie Would moves towards 60s style The Beatles power-pop, with its lush melodies and overt pop augmentations, whereas Dear Liza Jane act as a psyche-laden quirky outlier. All these tracks are interspersed with sudded 80s style electric riffs that judder perfectly against the general pop context.
Another retro power-pop act that flies under the Teenage Fanclub radar and whilst it is a mesh of sounds we are familair with, it still sounds superbly invigorating, as the best of the genre always will.






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