Beat The Delete #0183 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks for joining us for Beat The Delete #0183, bringing you 14 tracks of new music that have got the jangle receptors a wigglin’ this week.
We hope you find a new favourite or become acquainted with an old friend in the tracks below.

The Floral Furs

Track: You Never Really Come Back From Breakfast From: You Never Really Come Back From Breakfast Label: Self released  Out: Now
For those who like the recent The Formans runs of singles, you may well just have found your latest 50s/60s melodic-pop / psyche darlings in this Athens, Georgia, based solo project of Steven Ledbetter.

People Mover

Track: Trying From: Trying (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
If the previous, eponymous EP of late 2021 visited the best of modern day Australiana, Trying sees this Brisbane based duo move towards a slightly denser, less frivolous indie punk sound, that will appeal to those that like their jangle-pop at the alt. end of the spectrum.

The Goldhearts

Track: Microplastic From: Microplastic Label: Self released Out: Now
Tight, jangled guitar melodies and pop rock sensibilities, all augmented with a definitive nod to retro girl-pop yesteryear. This Gold Coast based foursome make irresistable pop, just for the sake of pops irresistability.

Low Key Crush

Track: Bats Over Eastern Freeway From: Bats Over Eastern Freeway Label: Self released Out: Now
The impeccable Indie For Bunnies blog, described the Low Key Crush sound as “pop magic with crystalline melodies” and it would be hard for me to add much more, other than it has that classic rock meets jangle-pop augmentation that reminds me of the recent Mt.Misery sound.

The Rangers

Track: How Did We Get Here?  From: Your Own Time (album)  Label: Self released Out: Now
Nestled in blissful contentment equidistant between the jangly melodies of The Everly Brothers, the early 60s surf rock of The Ventures and dreamy retro production, this Newfoundland based act has perfected multiple angles of beauty.

Tide Rider and Occult X

Track: Mixtape Cassette From: Mixtape Cassette (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
It is absolutely no surprise that the end product of these two jangly dream-pop behemoths, is something so intensely beautiful.


Track: Plant Dads From: Plant Dads (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Lifted directly from their promo this Tampa based foursome offer “A fresh mashup of beach-infused indie rock with chimey guitars reminiscent of shoegaze and bedroom pop”…be assured it is every bit as good as it sounds!

Jody and the Jerms

Track: Waves From: Waves (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Those of you who are used to this Oxford based act battering out dynamic, jangly power-pop, might be pleasantly surprised to hear this track dipping into more indie-pop persuasions and with gloriously laconic, earworm effect.

Are We Hunting

Track: California Kurt Cobain From: California Kurt Cobain (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
Minimalistic refrain, with isolated dominated riffs and a production that delivers the sheer beauty of this acts trademark emotionality and melancholy.


Track: You and I From: You and I (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This is the musical project of Brisbane’s Dom O’Regan and Dylan Manning, who offer tight, anxiety fuelled jangled riffs, that drive through the heart of modern post-punk and alt.jangle.


Track: Escapist Comfort From: Mondano (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
From the album Mondano of which the Bandcamp bio states “…is a tribute to worldliness, in contrast to every attempt of religion and society’s moralism to condemn the worldly lifestyle. I do not condemn this style, on the contrary, I celebrate the fact that I am Mondano”
Not sure what all that means, but I do know that this sumptuous, melodic fuzz recorded through some sort of vintage equipment to augment it with yesteryear, is all manner of superb.

Beach Vacation

Track: All For Me From: All For Me (single) Label:  Z Tapes Out: Now
Gifted with the art of crafting the most lush of aural textures out of jangled riffs and gaze inflections, this Seattle based act finally appear to have found their natural home at the always ‘jangle-gaze’, Z Tapes label.

Surf Rock Is Dead

Track: Tough Love From: Drama (album) Label:  Born Losers Records Out: 9 December 2022
Probably the jangliest surf rock band out there at present, this is the sound of Surf Curse with absolutely every jangle-pop button firmly pressed !

The Sea at Midnight

Track: To Close To The Sun From: Atmosphere (single) Label:  Icebreak Records / Sony Records Out: Now
A band that deserves to takes its place among jable/post-punk luminaries such as The Chameleons, The Wake, The Cure, Atmos Bloom etc. Haunting melancholy has always been beautiful in such capable hands.


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