Jangle Jukebox #0009 (The best of the recent singles)


I was recently interviewed for another blog (coming out at the end of October 2022) in a self-aggrandizing “ooooh look at me” moment. Among a whole flurry of questions that I pontificated upon, was one asking “who is your breakout act of 2022?”
Of course there can only be one answer and that answer is Field School , whose three EP’s on the Small Craft Advisory label this year have all been totally sublime. This is hardly surpising considering they have two alumni from a Math and Physics Club act with superb jangle-pop credentials.
This I’m Starting To Feel Like Myself Again single is the second from the When Summer Comes Again album that Bobo Intergral will be releasing on 18 November 2022 and continues the amazing level of quality this act has released so far.

Back in December 2018, the Howlin Banana Records label released the quite superb, eponymous EggS EP, to much critical fanfare from all the micro blogs that mattered.
Since then the label has been on a rich vein of form, with releases from heralded acts such Th Da Freak, Pop Crimes, Fontanarosa, Hoorsees and Unschooling all shifting our attention away from EggS.
Now they are back and truly look set to claim the label’s ‘flagship act’ crown, if this How It Was Before single is any indication of the quality of their debut A Glitter Year album that is due out on 04 November 2022.

Nottingham based Peter Hall, is arguably the best male troubadour, currently releasing unashamedly polished, jangly sophisti-pop.
Buffed to a sumptuous sheen, each Hall track delves deep into the recesses of pop perfection and multi layered lyrical context, to provide a listening experience that surrounds the listener until long after the actual track finishes.
Amid strong competition from a whole host of wonderful tracks that he has released since 2019, this In Plain Sight single, could well be his most accomplished yet.

After many years releasing the sort of jangly guitar-pop that has ticked just about every ‘beautiful box’ imaginable since their Late Night In Summertime of 2017 debut EP, Seattle threesome, The Cozy Slippers, are finally releasing a debut eponymous album with the Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten and Subjangle labels on 14 October 2022.
Typically jangly, typically stunning double female vocal harmonies courtesy of the wonderful voices of Barbara Barrilleaux and Sarah Engel, the quality of this I Can’t Keep You Safe and the other singles that have already been released from the album, should ensure that you have new favourite guitar-pop darlings very soon !

This White Collar single is the opening offering from the eponymous debut album of the A.S. Wilson (Strange Bedfellows, Bad Hand) led project, Convinced Friend, that is being released on 11 November 2022 on Relief Map Records.
A big hearted indie conspiracy theory about the possibilities of how the post pandemic predeliction for working from home may lead us direcly into the hands of increased government control.
All smokey, roots flavoured indie fuzz and slight jangy melodies that are reminiscent of the Gorgeous Bully melancholy, this feels like a sound from a life totally lived, if never really understood.

We have been following this Baby Combat project of Portland’s (via Singapore) Noel Yeo avidly since his debut release in early 2020.
Reminiscent of the subtle beauty of the Ghost Mail bedroom-pop / dream-rock sound, this All My Hurt Are Now Just Words single is typical of the stunning jangled fragily that is this projects signature sound.
An act that just seems to go from stremgth to strength with ever subsequent release.


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