Beat The Delete #0188 (weekly new music recommendations)


Vary Landers

Track: The Birds In Your Eyes Do Not Know Where To Land From:  The Birds In Your Eyes Do Not Know Where To Land (Single)  Label: Practise Music Out: Now
Guitar pop in the vein of Evan Dando, Lemonheads, and Miracle Legion, married to full The Velvet Underground retro under-production. This Detroit, Michigan based project always manages to extract the maximum beauty out of his chosen retro.

Wm. Gordon

Track: The Price From:  Wine Dark (album)  Label: Self released Out: Now
Continuing with the 90s guitar-pop of Vary Landers (above), this Massachusetts based act augments the aesthetic with lucid, jangled Rickenbacker riffs, to drift his sound towards the sumptuous sixties.

Adam Hopper

Track: Beauty Sadness From: Beauty Sadness (single)  Label: Self released Out: Now
Filling the musical hinterland between Beck, Darren Hayman, and Baxter Dury with jangly guitar-pop, this Manchester (UK)-based act has created the ultimate earworm !

Orchid Mantis

Track: I Could Live In Sleep From: How Long Will It Take (Album)  Label: Spirit Goth Out: Now
This solo recording project of Atlanta’s Thomas Howard has always been able to create dreamy, jangled beauty out of lo-fi production and subtle surf-laden riffs. This track / album is no exception. Check them out!


Track: Tinsel for A Tear From: Tinsel for A Tear (single)  Label: Self released Out: Now
Energetic jangly dream-pop in a similar manner to Poppongene or Men I Trust with the sort of extra jangle that justifies the many Beach House comparisons.


Track: I Had A Thought (Live) From:  Live at Paper Dress Vintage (EP)  Label: Self released Out: Now
Kathy Wright and Helen Skinner, formerly of cult London indie band Barry, traipse through a quirk-laden, jangly indie-pop meets post-punk mix in this live performance from the recent “Queer” night supporting the LGBTQ (Hackney, June 2022).

The Early Mornings

Track: Ultra-Modern Rain From:  Ultra-Modern Rain (EP)  Label: Practise Music Out: Now
Alternative jangle has never felt so gloriously spurious as it has in the hands of this Manchester (UK)-based trio, Think Wife Guys of Reddit, Blanco Tranco, Primo!, etc., and you are on the right track.

Vain Pursuit

Track: Good in Me From:  Good In Me (single)  Label: Self released Out: Now
This solo recording project of Vinny Ball always seems to find the perfect balance between dank post-punk and the melodic of modern day surf rock. This song is another that takes you directly to earworm central and holds you captive.

Work Wear

Track: One Day Away From: One Day Away (single)  Label: Sef released Out: Now
Coursing the obtuseness of Neutral Milk Hotel through the whirr and fuzz of Guided By Voices, this Charlottesville, Virginia, threesome is all manner of alt.jangle brilliance.

Paul Cook & The Chronicles

Track: Before I Embarrass Myself From: Before I Embarrass Myself (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Never far away from these Beat The Delete pages or from releasing his next perfectly coiffured jangy pop rock track, this Londoner is one of the few that totally thrives of prolificness.

The Sylvia Platters

Track: Norman 4 From:  Norman 4 (single)  Label: Sef released Out: Now
The Sylvia Platters are Vancouver’s Alex Kerc-Murchison, Stephen Carl O’Shea, Nick Ubels, and Tim Ubels. They combine the subtle end of Dinosaur Jr. fuzz with the eruptive beauty of Teenage Fanclub (…the track title is a tribute to the great “fanny”).


Track: Lights Out From: Lights Out  (single)  Label: Self released Out: Now
This debut single sees Keyside as possible new contenders for the Scouse-pop crown, slipping effortessly along the heavy, jangly psyche paths blazed by fellow Liverpool-based acts such as Clinic, The Zutons, and The Coral.

Lakes Region

Track: Green Shopping Bags From: Green Shopping Bags (single)  Label: Self released Out: Now
For those who prefer their shoegaze with definitively jangled riffs and 17 Years Old and Berlin Wall swirling noise mayhem, this recording project of Sydney’s Peter Bridle may just present you with a new darling act.

The Spanish Amanda

Track: In A Matchbox From: ‘Le Petit Magritte’ (prequel EP)  Label: Self released Out: Now
Since reforming in 2017, this Huw Darling-led project has maintained the jangly indie-pop meets twee-pop and sly social observation that made them a cult act to the most in-the-know crowds in the late 1990s. This “free download” prequel to an album due out before the end of 2022 is indie-pop heaven.

Wash Park

Track: Colorful From:  Colorful (Single) Label: Walk in the Park Records Out: Now
This dynamic mixture of Ducks Ltd.’s jangly style indie rock and the most subtle of Swiss Portrait’s dream-gaze influences, makes this single something that radiates beauty.

Kind World

Track: Come Home From:  Kind World – 1 (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Those of you that appreciate the fragile jangly indie-pop and the male-female harmonies of Fine, may well have found a new favourite in this Californian based act.


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