EP Review – Allégresse by Comité balnéaire (2019) (Mondo Canape)

MondoCanapeWPAfter ending 2018 by whacking all the brilliant digital singles by The Catherines on a tape (quite an accolade considering how many labels had approached the band to do the same!) Spanish label, Mondo Canape, have started their 2019 musical life in similar fashion by popping over to France and signing the superb Comité balnéaire.

The release is a brave as not many labels would seek out this sort of instrumental, intensely lo-fi affair and then go physical on a 4 track EP release. However, Mondo Canape have showed repeatedly in their short tenure that they are prepared to back the bands that have appeal to them, rather than obvious mass appeal.

The appeal of this release is most certainly shared by me. Essentially this is lo-fi jangle-pop that should find itself on the sort of YouTube clips that portray young fits sorts with video cameras on their heads, hand-gliding off some vertigo inducing descent in the Swiss Alps. It is scenery music in the best sense of the word.

Tracks such as 365 (see below) and Amarres, never get anything near transcending mid-tempo. However, there is an energy that is created in them, through the beautiful high end jangled riffs, that seem to cruise in and out of the core of the tracks.

Essentially this is instrumental hypnagogic pop, with every sort of fluffy connotation removed and replaced with the sort of brilliant jangled guitar-pop that is continued in Ridges (see below) and La Rainure,  both of which have a distinct Young Marble Giants style of glorious repetition to them.

Another wonderful release from a label that is absolutely intent on pushing the envelope as far as possible.

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