EP Review – Uhm Sure Yeah by Stoop Kid (2019) (Gazer Tapes)


Stoop Kid is the solo moniker used by Jens Rubens. Those familiar with the Belgian alternative/punk scene, might know him from bands such as Coma Commander and more recently Ero Guru.

This must be Rubens getting in touch with his ‘inner jangle’, as this is something of a major departure from the above as Uhm Yeah Sure reveals itself to be something of a tour de force of modern jangle.

Initially, all the tracks are twisted around vocals that have that sort of Nap Eyes /  Gorgeous Bully slightly deadpan delivery, that imbues the ‘cool’ virtuosity to the best of  lo-fi jangle. However, it is only tracks such as Go Home and Chin Up, Kiddo (see below) that really remain at a lo-fi tempo.

The other two tracks are too exuberant to be considered lo-fi and plant their musical flags firmly in jangle-pop territory. Opener, Nothing From Under The Sink, has the scratchy riffs of The Feelies, but exudes warmth instead of anxiety, with just the right level of of youthful lethargy.

In comparison, the EPs true stand out, the superbly titled Milton’s Swingline Stapler (see below) slides immediately propels into the sort of beautifully exultant jangled riffs that bands such as Holy Tunics, Holy Now and Young Scum have recently been purveying.

As is often the case, Gazer Tapes continue to lead the argument (Poppel and Tonsils are also on their roster) as to why cassette labels are becoming increasingly essential.

Artist Links:  Bandcamp (Buy It Here)

Label Links:  FacebookBandcampinstagram.com

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