Beat the delete #0005 (new music recommendations)

New music submissions (‘new’ classes as less than a month from release) arrive at JPH from all sources, including band members, promo companies and the various follow buttons that I have clicked over the years at the various streaming sites etc…the following are among my  favourites that have  ‘beat the delete’ button in the last week.


Band: The Catherines

Track:  Please Don’t Freak Out While You Drive My Car  From: Please Don’t Freak Out While You Drive My Car / Jingle Jangle EP Label:  Self Released Release date:  05 May 2019

Without a hint of irony The Catherines’ Bandcamp bio describes themselves as “Jingle-jangle-fuzz-power-pop-LoFi-wallofsound-DIY-Home-Studio-Project”…this may seem somewhat trite, but anyone familiar with the brilliance of this Hamburg based outfit will know this is perfectly apt.

This is probably their greatest track yet, in my humble but ultimately correct opinion. 


Band: The Reds, Pinks and Purples

Track:  City Gardens  From: Desperate Parties (EP)  Label:  Self Released Release date:  05 May 2019

The Reds, Pinks and Purples is the latest pop-driven project of Glenn Donaldson (best known from bands such the Art Museums / The Skygreen Leopards). This track is a wonderful 80 anglo indie-pop / The Clientele style mixture and is hopefully a sign of the quality of the new album they are working on via Pretty Olivia Records


Band: NE-HI

Track:  Exit Staions  From: XYZ (EP)  Label:  Self Released  Release date:  05 May 2019

One of my favourite alt.jangle albums of the last decade is the 2014 eponymous debut by this band, which jangled and creaked among all manner of raucous attitudinal screech.

This time they are back with a three track EP and thankfully the Chicago based three piece are giving the exact same vibe.


Band: Johny No Cash

Track:  You Know the Score  From: Digital single  Label:  Broken Down Records Release date:  10 May 2019

This is a resurrection of an old mid 90’s football based track by The Irony Board by former band member Johnny No Cash.  With all proceeds going to Bolton Wanderers  FC supporters who are fighting against a strange, amoral ownership of their club, this track jangles in some very magical spaces.


Band: Patrick Burke

Track:  Andy The Cow  From: 23 Cuppsa Coffee (album)  Label:  Self Released Release date:  10 May 2019

This my favourite track from the album. All contempo pop with added swathes of lo-fi bedroom-pop cool and the sort of bells, whistles and developing layers that The Catherines (also on BTD #0005) have excelled in. 

Add this to the simplicity of Martin Newell style lyrics and production and this album is a winner from start to finish.


Band: Desert Souls

Track:  Dust in my Eyes  From: Single  Label:  Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten Release date:  05 May 2019

Augsburg based label, KUS,  have released this flyer single / video for their hometown band  who will be releasing an album with them in/around October 2019…if jangle-punk is such a thing then Desert Souls are distinctly it !


Band: Bloodshot Bill

Track:  Shark Tank  From: Hang Ten (EP)  Label:  Hi-Tide Recordings  Release date:  single out now / EP out 31.05.19

This is a flyer single from the forthcoming ‘Hang Ten’  EP, which is four instrumental tracks infused with all manner of muted 60’s inflected jangled surf-pop. I have not heard the other tracks as yet but have placed my order purely based on this brilliance.


Band: Marty Oaks

Track:  Red Puma Shoes  From: Red Puma Shoes (EP)  Label:  Self Released Release date:  10 May 2019

Cicinnatti singer-songwriter who drifts in and out of bedroom-pop lo-fi and balladry whilst always keeping both feet firmly planted in the most subtle of 80’s guitar-pop. This track has everything…even the swirling casio keyboard effects work!


Band: Ponytails

Track:  Just Yours  From: Single  Label:  Self Released Release date:  05 May 2019

With a psyche-rock essence that slides in and around the fringes of the sort of 60’s contemporary pop that Paul McCartney still insists on playing and a jangle-pop vibe that never moves to far away from surf rock.

It is a strange mix, but certainly different and ultimately beguiling.


Band: Matt Surfin’ & Friends

Track:  Get Down  From: Single  Label:  Muscle Beach and Community Records (joint release) Release date:  05 May 2019

Considered the brainchild of Seferian, this band is a collaborative of members from the likes of Ratboys, Bent Denim and Teeth and represents all out about the surf-pop aesthetic that insists that sweating is dirt and lethargy is blessed.

Beautiful with the coldest of beers!


Please give these great acts your backing in any way possible and we see you next week with more new music recommendations that have ‘beat the delete’




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