Album Review: Lawn Memory by Wild Firth (2019) (Forged Artifacts)


This album is a bit weird. Not in the way shy way that the clever kid at school could not look you in the eye but more so in the engrossing way that the ‘class goth girl’ would happily doodle exploding poodles for hours on end. It’s just that slight sense of foreboding that really sets it (…and goth girl) apart.

Initially, tracks such as Mémoire involontaire, Uptown, I’ll Be in The Car and the immense Gold Garden (see below) are far less furtive in their sense of angst. These tracks grab away away at the riffs that bands like the Killers / Editors rejected in the mid 2000’s for being too morose and add their own sense of strangely endearing eerie to the unique beauty of their aesthetic.


However, the best of the album comes in tracks such as Won’t You Get Far (see below), What You Need, Eyes and Girl. Here the tracks are allowed to breathe more routinely as the heavy atmospherics are replaced with subtle guitars fluttering behind repetitive krautrock percussion and illuminating jangle-gaze riffs. It is all still dense enough to enable Post-Punk reference points…but it’s beautifully Post-Punk with all manner of modern dream-pop nuances.

The Forged Artifacts label have a habit of finding the best of the ‘most acceptably different’ and have backed another winner in this Minneapolis four-piece.

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