Beat the delete #0013 (new music recommendations)

New music submissions (‘new’ classes as less than a month from release) arrive at JPH from all sources, including band members, promo companies and the various follow buttons that I have clicked over the years at the various streaming sites etc…the following are among my  favourites that have  ‘beat the delete’ button in the last week.


Band: Foggy Tapes

Track:  Good Old Gods From:  Cogito Ergo Fogs (album) Label:  Howlin Banana Records Release date:  30 August 2019

Anyone who follows this blog regularly will know of my admiration for this Paris based label and their ability to find those different melodic bands that stay just the right side of downright weird. If this pre release single is anything to go by they have unearthed another winner.


Band: Capitol

Track:  Blondie From:  Dream Noise (album) Label:  Meritorio Records Release date:  October 2019

This sounds like the Editors front man on vocals for a jangle-gaze band like L I P S. It is a mixture that should not work but strangely does especially as it develops into the sort of swirling genuine shoegaze that a band like 17 years and Berlin wall grab your attention with.


Band: Parsnip

Track:  Blondie From:  When The Tree Bears Fruit (album) Label:  Trouble in Mind Records Release date:  October 2019

If the 1960’s did 1980/90’s twee…and then dipped it back into a playful The Monkees vibe. This Melbourne based all girl 4 piece simply cannot choose an era to be solely influenced by and hopefully will never be made to.


Band: Super 8

Track:  Sing Along From:  Digital Single Label:  Self Released Release date:  05 July 2019

This blog loves Super 8 (aka Trip / aka Paul Ryan) so much so that our label (Subjangle) released his Backers and Maracas album in May 2019.

Since then he has already released another two digital singles and if they are all likes this brilliance we hope to sweep up all his releases between now and Xmas and release another compilation album in early 2020…if any person has the prolific creativity to pull this off, it is (Trip) Super 8 !


Band: Terry vs. Tori (feat: Foliage)

Track:  Cascais  From:  Cascais/Chambre (single) Label:  Self Released Release date:  30 June 2019

This third and fourth singles  from their forthcoming debut album see them team up with Manuel Joseph Walker (Foliage) and juxtapose their coy jangly sweetness to the Foliage experimental bounce…great stuff!


Band: Poppongene

Track:  Not Wrong  From:  Not Wrong (single) Label:  Our Golden Friend Release date:  30 June 2019

First single in over two years from the side project of Melbourne based Sophie Treloar (Sunbeam Sound Machine) takes on a different direction mixing a late 80’s Sinead O’Connor vocal distortion to her usual dream/jangle pop machinations…Lovely to have her back!


Band: Horse Jumper of Love

Track:  Nature From:  So Divine (album) Label:  Run for Cover Records Release date:  28 June 2019

Great track. Mixes the broken song structures of mid 80’s Meat Puppets, to fragile dream-pop that occasionally sets foot into sprawling shoegaze. An incredible mix from the Boston three-piece, but a beguiling one.


Band: Syrup, Go On

Track:  Ego Sand From:  Last Night (album) Label:  Self released Records Release date:  28 June 2019

Mix the beautiful psyche-pop melodies of Alpine Subs and then drag it through the vocal distortions of a band like Tennis Club and you are just about in the correct and ultimately superb ballpark sound of this band from the Aussie Gold Coast…if you are a sucker for beautiful intro’s then this album is full of them!


Band: Sarah Bethe Nelson

Track:  Paralyzed Waltz From:  Weird Glow (album) Label:  Burger Records Release date:  28 June 2019

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact sound of this superb Sacramento based solo artist. It’s kind of abrasive dreamy, indie-rock with the added extra of having a sullen cool vibe that shifts your attention to a more controlled Palehound territory…either way it’s a great track from a great album.


Band: Gauche

Track:  Flash From:  A People’s History Gauche Label:  Merge Records Release date:  12 July 2019

Merge Records are never far from the next BTD recommendations and they have once again uncovered the sort of alt.jangle band that is rapidly becoming their signature sound, with the delightfully abrasive, defiantly weird and ultimately brilliant, Gauche.

Please help support these acts with either as much money as you can afford or as many social media mentions as you can muster!








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