Album Review: Doing Your Thing by Surf Friends (2019) (Flying Nun Records)


It’s six years since this Auckland (New Zealand) based duo of Brad Coley and Peter Westmoreland released their brilliant sophomore album ‘Endorpins’. Which is just enough time for our aural cavities to have recovered sufficiently to  crave more.

Thankfully, nothing much has changed and nor should it.  Surf Friends still have the tendency to go all ‘pretty My Bloody Valentine‘ with tracks such as Should I DecideLet’s Go Out Tonight, Halfway There and the epic Keep Me On (see below) all promising  something ‘Dunedin Sound’ with their opening sparse The Chills / The Bats type isolated riffs, before gradually ascending into their customary wall of sound type (loud) beauty.

Just like ‘Endorphins‘, they intermittently pardon the noise on tracks like You’ve Got To KnowNew Wheels and the album’s true stand out, French School (see below), allowing the solitudinal treble riffs, grumbling bass and lo-fi VIBE to be juxtaposed upon their own aesthetic, rather than consumed by it.

This duo deserve our patronage more than every six years. Let’s hope their creative juices are sufficiently stirred to provide us with more brilliance soon.

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