Single Review – Spin by Wicket Keeper (2019) (Self Released)

So, this summer England won the One Day Cricket World Cup. Which was all very ‘nice’ for us England fans. However, such a victory and indeed the summer was totally ruined when we failed to regain the Ashes from the sandpaper-pantied Aussies. Gutted.

As such you might think that a London based three-piece called Wicketkeeper, releasing a track called ‘spin’ might be just something of a painful reminder to those of us who care that the Aussies stopped crying for long enough to retain ‘our’ Ashes.

This said, Wicketkeeper are anything but shy and probably even less gognizant of cricket feeling and their latest ‘Spin’ track continues where there the previous Feeling and OK singles left off, with an attitude that is simply ‘not cricket’ (I have probably lost a whole host of Americans by now)?

For Spin (see below) filters jangled riffs and fuzz-pop hooks through a 90’s time machine that forces ‘not quite Pavement‘ comparisons whilst grumbling with an intensity and sense of all things loud that The Mighty Lemon Drops without the control and with added feeback. It’s an alluring mix of dedicated shambol and finely honed attitude for those that can stomach jangle-pop in it’s least purest form.

I am not sure where Wicketkeeper are going with all these singles…but I kind of like it that way as they are all little nuggets of fuzzy grumble and that should always be encouraged!

Artist Links:  Instagram  Facebook  SoundCloud  Twitter


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