Album Review – More To Enjoy by Cool Sounds (2019)(Meritorio Records)

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After the death of bandmate and friend Zac Denton, Melbourne 7 piece Cool Sounds, may have been forgiven embracing melancholy on their most subsequent release. However, their latest sound is merely more stoic in comparative tempo and drift, rather than addled by overt malaise.

Essentially (and thankfully) they retain a groove. The nursed and cured mid tempo tracks like Hula Hoop Group, Hume and Gloom and the superlative Around and Down, almost reluctantly saunter into eventual beaming pop numbers whilst visiting all manner of jangly Ariel Pink, Richard Swift and The Microphones lethargic references points on the way.

However, the most memorable parts of the album are when the tempo is dropped even further in tracks such as More To Enjoy (see below), Golden Seasons and Blue Motion. Here the excessive space between each meaningful note invites all manner of 70’s pop-rock comparisons and allows squelchy, obtrusive jangled riffs to course through the core aesthetic.

It’s the sort of sound I imagine a 1970’s John Travolta listening to after peeling out of his disco suit and toasting a good evening’s work bemusing afro haired pretenders with his disco sorcery.  It really is that good and all manner of bulging cool.

Another absolute winner from Cool Sounds and the Meritorio Records label.

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