EP Review: Finally! EP 1 by The Trimatics (2019) (Self Released)

No photo description available.

This EP is one of four being released prior to their Finally album (releases on 06.12.19 ) that heralds the resurrection  of 90’s Swedish power pop / rock pop band, The Trimatics  (formerly Opossum) and whilst being slightly the best of the four, it really is genuinely difficult to discern among the general brilliance.

So what makes this EP / act stick it’s head above the seething masses of dad bod 50 somethings that usually shuffle about to power pop / pop rock? Initially, it just has that extra sense of cool that the genres sometimes resolutely bypass.

This is largely created in tracks such as Simple Morning (see above) and Until It’s OK (see below) which juxtaposes the extra muscularity of 90s British jangle pop bands, adds slight twangs of dry The Groove Farm style tinny riffs and the bellowed confident vocals that became the archetype for mid 90s Brit pop…and all this whilst always keeping the power chords somewhere within an immediate guitar grab distance.

Truly a band that needs all the follow buttons pressed…

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