EP Review – Overused Sayings by Dilary Huff (2019) (Devil Town Tapes)

Dilary Huff

Dilary Huff is the solo project of Melbourne based Sally Hull and her aesthetic is one that is simultaneously disparate and congruent.

The sense of dissolution is felt throughout. Tracks such as the brilliant opening salvo of Sinner Saint (see below) and Oversued Sayings, wrap confident, almost boisterous, muscular fuzz pop around barely audible vocals that opine lost love / unrequited love as all good bedroop pop / lo fi music should.

This strength / fragility juxtaposition could almost be the signature sound of the feminist vulnerability. Disparate, but ultimately emotionally honest and conveyed in a manner that all segues within both an inter track and intra EP context.

Such a juxtaposition and indeed similar subject matter, continues throughout. However, extra emotional intensity is imbued by replacing the alluring fuzz with the atmospherics of post-punk chiming jangle on I need To Hear That and Lucky (see below), which give the impression of  resigned passive malevolence towards the whole process of love.

Sally Hull / Dilary Huff may not have instant appeal as it twists the lo-fi template into a completely new destination. However, if you are prepared to let this EP grow on you then you may well find yourself in a place that permanently shifts your expectationsfrom the lo-fi genre.

Artist Links:  Facebook

Label Links: Bandcamp  Devil Town Tapes  Twitter





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