Album Review – Moths by No Museums (2019) (Self released)

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Eight albums in and the second in 2019 after May’s brilliant The Artifact is Nothing, Edmonton based No Museums return with a superb ninth, the succinctly titled Moths, album that is arguably their best yet.

Thankfully, they do not veer too far away from their signature sound and why on earth should they when it is so good?  Tracks such as The Bell Horse, A Rotten Summer and the album’s true standout The Things I Have Hidden (see below) provides more of the signature conflict between tumbling acoustic and grumbling fuzz, that underpins the terse, dulcet, The Bats style vocal delivery. It just drips cool.

As is always the case on No Museums albums there are always obvious outliers to the genernal aesthetic. These are provided in I Am The Long Shore (see below) and Charlotte Ray which take the playfulness of Rocketship style indie-pop and dissected song structures and add their own inimitable C86 twists.

Thankfully they tend to release an album at least once a year…some bands just should.

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