EP Review – There’s Something Wrong With Everyone by Peter Hall (2020) (Self released)


Peter Hall, does not really tick musical boxes per se, more specifically he allows his very definite aesthetic to flirt with other sounds, without really settling for one musical partner.

As such the two stripped back tracks of Hold Me and She Fell From The Sky, visit Tame Impala / De Marco style semi chill jangle and piano-less Nick Batterham  guitar strums respectively, whilst maintaining definitive originality by adding the sort of smooth, rounded production, that just about slides into sophisti-pop territory.

However, it is in when his music ventures into mid-tempo and increases the ‘surround sound’, that the EP really reaches it’s heights.  Blood Flow and Everything is Fading Fast (both below) are able to take their place alongside modern guitar pop luminaries like Dropkick, The Boy With Perpetual Nervousness and Hanemoon (in his non fuzz moments) as volumes of melodic intent bubble to the surface with a lack of intensity that borders on ‘summer perfect’.

For many guitar pop acts, there is not too many places to go other than the continuation of overt pretty. Somehow though, I just get the feeling that this is merely the start of Hall’s ideas. One to follow for sure.

Artist Links: Instagram Bandcamp  Twitter


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