Single Review – Hockey on TV (ft. Thunderpaw) by Wilson and The Catholics


Wilson and the Catholics is the solo project of Tennis Club‘s Wilson Hernandez. After his Tennis Club work and the recent / brilliant Last Sunday (EP) that he released under his own name, this is Hernandez at his most indie-pop yet.

Hockey on TV (see below) sees a more subtle use of the vocoder effect and as such suddenly reveals Hernandez’ hitherto obscured, ‘made for indie’ voice. This clarity serves to someehow accentuate the beguiling jangled melodies that have now become more lucid among the primary urban surf rock aesthetic, that he is more predominantly associated with.

Of course, anyone who has followed this blog for some time, will know that Hernandez could record a belch in a bottle and I would still love it…but this really is just that little bit special, even by his, always brilliant standards. Taken from the latest showcase compilation from the brilliant Marley Records, this is essential for any jangly indie-pop connosieur.

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