EP Review – Between Melting and Freezing by Lost Film (2020) (Utility Tapes)

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After the sheer brilliance of last October’s Zero Summer album (Janglepophub made this their best Album of 2019), it was something of a very welcome surprise to see Jim Hewitt’s Lost Film releasing again,

Essentially, this release, is somewhat different in feel and texture to its predecessor, although certainly no less beguiling and perhaps (just perhaps) will be considered as even more beautiful to some.

Initially, tracks such as Confess and Where You Are (see below) are specifically more melancholy. The vibrant upbeat demi dream-pop essence of Zero Summer is replaced in these tracks by the accentuated vocoder effect on the vocals and the darker, denser jangled aesthetic, of early 80’s The Cure. It’s Lost Film at a new anglophile / accomplished post-punk level, that twists beauty out of depression rather than helps stave it off.

The other/final two tracks (Baseball (see below) and Something Else) are what one might describe as ‘muted melancholy’. Such tracks, whilst never being able to shake off the EP’s unifying disquiet, certainly dishevel it off to some extent, with a jangled clarity that approaches the angle of their previous work.

Melancholy? Disquiet? The Cure? Or Not?…Thankfully Lost Film have not lost the jangled beauty that sets them apart from much of the crowd.

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