Album Review – Sunshine for the Mountain God by Mike Gale (2020) (Baboo Records)

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Former Co-pilgrim frontman Mike Gale, has the endearing Hanemoon style propensity to shift fuzz-pop around it’s better nuances with and an ease augmemted by the natural fluidity his passion for sub two minute tracks conveys. As such we see Sunshine For The Mountain God excel in three separate ‘fuzzy fundamentals’.

Initially, the most dynamic of these is represented by rumbling power-fuzz of tracks like Hits For The Summer, I’m All Ears, Fantastic Bubble Girl and superlative Old Orion (see below). All apply the Grandaddy style vocals to an aesthetic that grabs at the edges of where fuzz becomes buzz, before ultimately being dragged back from that precipice by a persistent melodic intent that bubbles intermittently, just under and just above the insistent surface noise .

The remainder of the album slides between the more traditional jangly guitar pop of the  Dropkick / Teenage Fanclub musical inventory. This is seen in the beautiful Kicking My Way To Malaise (see below) and Black Hole, which are only an organ and/or bouncing west coast riff away from transforming into the potted psych-folk brilliance of the title track and Magnetic Charms.

This brilliant album is available on a ‘name your price basis’ at Bandcamp. Typical of the absolutely cool allure of this man, he foregoes the general tendency of artists to ‘assist COVID efforts’ by posting a million ‘isolation experience songs’ and instead ensures all proceeds from the sale of this album  go to Trussell Trust which tries to ensure that  people in genuine need are getting fed.

If you love this album and there really is no reason why you should not, then please give any spare shekels the ailing economy has not grabbed from you yet to this worthy cause !

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