Beat The Delete #0055 (Weekly New Music Recommendations)


Hello all and thanks for joining us for our weekly new music recommendations, in which WE chose our favourites from those who acts have been kind enough to submit their music to us for consideration.

To those few bands (or more specifically certain ‘special individuals’) who have found themselves at something of loose end during the  lockdown and have decided to utilize their extra time, by sending me cartographic e-mails detailing the route to the exact orifice where I can ‘submit my track rejections’, I would like to personally thank you for the maturity displayed in your complete and utter understanding of why I cannot feature all submissions.

The ones below have been approved though. As always, I urge you to support any of these acts you like with any fiscal donation possible or, probably more pertinently due to the general lack of spare money floating about these days, as much social media love as you can muster.

See you next week…when hopeful my posterial orifice will have expelled my ‘f-ing track rejections’ without surgical intervention and I can bring you some more great new music.


Dan Friese

Track: Don’t Wait From: Happiness (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Now

This obviously drifts off into indie folk territory, but when a track is as rich in beautiful jangled guitar textures as this, then genre parameters are of absolutely no importance.

The Volclays

Track: Little Dreamer From: Love Songs for Lovers (EP) Label:  Self released Records Out: Now

Dominating the space equidistant between Real Estate / Beach House chiming jangle and all things 50’s melodies, The Volclays have the ability to add a tender aural caress to even the darkest of lock down moments.


Secret Shame

Track: Dissolve From: Dissolvel (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Coursing the richer parts of the Jetstream Pony guitar textures through all things late 80’s jangly post-punk, Secret Shame are welcome gulp of today amid swathes of yesteryear.


The Thank Yous

Track: These Things Happen From: Good Time Killing Us (Album) Label:  Apollon Records Out: Album out now

Norwegian duo who mix the fluttered indie-pop jangle of Sarah Records, with the warm, rounded vocals of the Lightning Seeds. A truly special aesthetic.


Constant Smiles

Track: Only Love From: Control (Album) Label:  Living Waters Records Out: Album out now

Never quite finding it’s niche as part of the dream-pop or jangle-gaze scene and quite frankly never really needing to, Constant Smiles marry the best of both worlds to create  beautiful soundscapes that are inimitably ‘just theirs’.



Track: Shingles From: Also (Album) Label:  Self released Out: Album out now

Imagine Bon Iver finding the ‘jangle button’ and you are somewhere in the right ball park to describe the beautiful aesthetic of this Greg Gulbranson solo project.


The Curfews

Track: Anything Worth Keeping From: Stunted (EP) Label:  Temporal Records Out: Album out now

Taking the janglier side of the Guided By Voices arsenal and mixing the laconic, almost washed vocal vibe of Elna Rae, The Curfews provide jangle for those who crave subtle shades of difference.


Witch Weather

Track: I Think You’re Haunted From: I Think You’re Haunted (single) Label: Self released Out: Now

Lovely fluttered, melancholy indie-pop with all the hushed percussion and fluttering vocals of a Brighter / Field Mice type act vibe.

Palm Haze

Track: Nova Beach From: Nova Beach (single) Label:  Flover Out: Out now

Trip hop’s spacious atmospherics, mixed with beautiful jangled riffs that chime with an almost post rock ambience. A few bands have tried this sound, but Palm Haze are one of the few who have not failed!  


The Harbours

Track: Hired Gun From: This Fine Day (EP) Label:  Self released Out: Album out now

With the delicious distance of all things early 90’s The Stone Roses / ‘baggy’ juxtaposed against Editors style dark melodies, this Great Yarmouth five-piece offer something truly original to post-punk’s legacy.



Track: Souvenirs From: Souvenirs (single) Label:  Self released Out: Album out now

Ominous, dark post-punk basslines, layered against late 80’s The Cure style jangled cod-melodies, is the brilliant default setting aesthetic for this enigmatic act.


Dad Bod

Track: Spirits From: Spirits (single) Label:  Hollowed Out Out: Now

Songwriter and vocalist Callie Marino‘s superb voice develops intra-track, from the subtle deadpan inflections of Soccer Mommy / Snail Mail to the vibrant, powerful femininity that typified the best of mid 90’s Britpop chanteuses.



Track: I Don’t Know From: I Don’t Know (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

One of those lo-fi sounds, where you need to turn the volume up to fully extract every layered guitar note. Matthew Gomez reminds me of early days Foliage, which is a huge compliment.

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