Album Review – Fred Fredburguer by Fredburguer (2020) (New Adventures in Pop)

Over the last 30 years Elefant Records has been synonymous with a particularly jangly essence of indie-pop. Precious and consistent in ethos, they are a label you can blindly follow in this ‘pre-order world’ without too much risk.

They’ve branched out somewhat recently, with a bag load of digital release singles by Spanish acts who seemed intent upon being all things French Euro-pop. More pertinently their New Adventures in Pop sub-label, has been used as a vehicle to suffuse a bit of grumble into their roster.

Fred Fredburguer are perfect for such a project. With propelled rhythms that have both feet in pop punk, but one eye on garage rock, they provide tracks that seem intent on racing to a thrilling conclusion, right from the inception.

Of course anything Elefant is not going to just slide off into ‘punk’ without a noble fight from some sort of melodic intent. As such the tracks are imparted with any number of melodic hooks and riffs that always manage to shimmer on the surface of the pop punk sensibilities.

It really is an album where the majority of the tracks offer something to a memorable whole. However, Colegas, Tardes De Sol and 15 Minutos (all below) are the best of a superb batch.

Artist Links:  Twitter  Facebook

Label Links:  Facebook, BandcampTwitter



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