Beat The Delete #0060 (New Music Recommendations)


Thanks for joining JPH for this weeks Beat The Delete #0060, bringing you the music submissions we have recently received, that have tickled the very innards of our aural cavities and made a cranial connection…or in other words we liked them.

Please give generously in terms of social media love and/or your hard acquired shekels for any of these acts, or indeed any acts that you have enjoyed during lockdown…Let’s do what we can to keep the music industry appreciated in these weird times.


Lizzy and the Fanatics

Track: Middle Child From: Middle Child (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

The slightly spacey jangle of Alvvays / Pixey types acts juxtaposed with the pop sensibilities of Poppongene / Hatchie, this Montreal based act have a foot in two irresistable camps.


Jayson Munro

Track: Sunshine Sunset From: Sunshine Sunset (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Solo Project of Jayson Munro (Hershey’s Martyr, VVVRS, The Striders etc) that twists isolated jangled riffs through all manner of beautiful, slow burning, melancholy ambience.



Track: Falling Through From: Blowboater (album) Label:  20/20 Records and Tapes Out: Now

With that slight bit of leftfield fraction and resounding bass, this track from Baltimore based three-piece, Blowboater,  is the sound of 10,000 Maniacs, crashing into the 2020’s.


Riches of the Poor

Track: Winter From: Winter (single) Label:  Crocodile Tears Records Out: Now

Ambient chiming jangle from a Berlin based foursome, who bring post-punk into the 2020’s with a resounding sense of fuzzed up cinematic.  



Track: New Test Arrow From: New Test Arrow (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

A slight Lloyd Cole croon, juxtaposed with a McCulloch sense of theatre, is the vocal default mode. This is then all wrapped up in a Bunnymen cinematic and a sense of coldwave leftfield. A true sense of epic.


The Slow Summits

Track: Safe and Sorry From: Safe Sorry (single) Label:  Hundreds and Thousands Records Out: Now

After last years wonderful Languid Belles EP, this Swedish four-piece are back with the jangliest version of Morrissey fronting any number of Sarah Records bands, that the indie-pop world will ever hear!


The Juniper Berries

Track: Winning Streak From: The Juniper Berries (album) Label:  Earth Libraries Out: Album out 10 July 2020

Jumping with both feet into indie folk territory, The Juniper Berries make this track so jangly relevant, with a dominant guitar riff that wraps you around it’s little finger and hooks you into its world of Yo La Tengo cool.


Lady Legs

Track: Quit Bringing Me Down From: Off Days (album) Label:  Communicating Vessels Out: Album out now

RGV theatrics with a strange DIIV attention to surfy jangle…a truly great sound from this Birmingham, Alabama, foursome.


Grizzly Coast

Track: End Of The Night  From: Party of One (EP) Label:  Self released Out: EP out in spring

Grizzly Coast is the moniker of Toronto based Alannah Kavanagh, who drives slightly less manic Amanda Palmer style femine strength, roughshod through fuzzed out guitar melodies.

She just has that essence that feels like the actual ‘real deal’, rather than an artist straining to find it.



Track: 80s Carry This Tune From: 80s Carry This Tune (single) Label:  Gazer Tapes / Fun Fact Records Out: Now

Like the most weird alt.jangle, Har Mar Superstar / Lewsberg hybrid you will ever hear. Gloriously original from this Belgian four-piece.


The Flying Fish

Track: Downward From: First Flight (album) Label:  Self released Out: Now

The instrumental allure of the most beautiful parts of The Dirty Three catalogue. Sci-fi ambience that keeps your drawn to it’s slow burning flame from start to finish.


Seventeen Years Old and Berlin Wall

Track: Paradise From: Abstract (album) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Swirling Indie-pop / shoegaze, from Japan’s most alluring dream-poppers. Think Asobi Seksu vocals married to the most gentle and melodic wall of guitar sound you could ever imagine…


Juan Torregoza

Track: Amber Eyes From: Agimat (album) Label:  Self released Out: Now

New York based Juan Torregoza twists twang / skewed riffs through all manner of lo-fi obscurities. Every now and then something special emerges from someones ‘bedroom’…this is the latest example. 



Track: ROCKSTAR NOISES From: Goodbye (album) Label: Self released Out: Now

Reminds me of a much lower-fi, charity shop pop version of Chubz Lord. Able to make insanely catchy tunes and fluttering melodies out of seemingly very little.


Comet Rider

Track: Space Nap From: ctrl+z (EP) Label: Self released Out: EP release date TBA

The sort of post-punk, jangle gaze that grabs your attention with the sheer beauty of it’s dominant chiming riffs. Perhaps the first Costa Rican act we have featured…if they are all as good as this. it definitely will not be the last.


Away Forward

Track: Written Answers From: Catching The Sun (Album) Label: Self released Out: Out Now

Dream-pop that flirts will all the better parts of gaze but ultimately remains just that little bit too melodic, beautiful and ‘fragile indie-pop’ to really take the plunge. A truly wonderful sound.


Philadelphia Grand Jury

Track: Nervous Breakdown From: Nervous Breakdown (single) Label: Self released Out: Out Now

If you can listen to this twice in succession and then prevent yourself from humming it for the remainder of the day, then really and truly your ears are probably dead and you do not deserve them…the ‘poppiest side’ of garage rock you will ever hear.


Teen Angst

Track: Let (Pull Through) From: Let Pull Through (single) Label: Self released Out: Out Now

Perth based 4 piece that make laconic jangle like so many of their Aussie contemporaries, but imbue it with that extra sense of lo-fi that is so cool when it is done right…this is very right! 


Psychic Shakes

Track: Wage Slave From: Wage Slave (single) Label: Good Eye Records Out: Out Now

Another jangle-gaze act that has found their own unique essence of stunning. Chiming jangle at it’s very best from the solo project of Max McLellan. Another brilliant find from the ever reliable Good Eye Records.


Juan Juan

Track: Life is Short (wanna get stoned) From: Life is Short (wanna get stoned)  (single) Label: Good Eye Records Out: Almerica Records

Mixing the playfulness of Edward Sharpe to jangly indie folk of Hammel on Trial, this act is the epitome of brilliant leftfield originality.


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