Beat The Delete #0061 (weekly new music recommendations)


Hello all and thanks for joining us once more for our usual round up of the best of the submissions we have received recently.

Please note we are still getting numerous submissions (about 400-500 weekly) to the general Janglepophub e-mail address despite the specific request for them to be sent to our Submithub address.

Please note they can be sent on a free credit basis and ensure that the tracks will be heard (please see the contacts/submissions page on the homepage for details).

Should you like any of the acts below, please give them as much financial support / social media love as possible. Indie acts need our help as much as possible in the current times.

See you next week…



Track: Whenever From: 1971 (album) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

Wonderful indie/twee-pop Belle and Sebastian inflected aesthetic, with just that little bit of extra bite in his propensity for twanging riffs…brilliant stuff from ex-Karma Truffle man, Julian Pugsley.


Faded Shades

Track: She Left Yesterday From: She Left Yesterday (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

While every band and its off-shoots tend to look for ways are imbuing their jangle with a certain sense of spurious leftfield, this Kent, UK, trio prefer to keep it traditional, coursing mighty hooks and jangled riffs through all manner of subtle 90’s rock. So refreshing to hear jangle as nature intended it !


Jaguar Sun

Track: Next Year From: Next Year (single edit) Label:  Born Losers Records Out: Now

Jaguar Sun is the solo project of multi instrumentalist Chris Minielly, who we have now featured a couple of times on JPH in as many months. 

Introspection is the main essence of his aesthetic, which he does without falling into to the ‘precious trap’ that such an ambience can sometimes evoke.

Subtle, incidental, lo-fi jangle at it’s very best.


Les Bods

Track: People From: People (single) Label: Self Released Out: EP out now

After all the above /prettiness’ what better act that this Brighton, UK, based trio, to muddy the waters with their dark surf laced psych. Brilliant forboding atmospherics created with the best of jangled intent.


Riches of the Poor

Track: Behave From: The Long Way Down (Album) Label: Crocodile Tears Records Out: Album out June

For those that like their beautiful, fractured jangled riffs woven through the darkness of the early The Cure or The National aesthetic…This Berlin based foursome make it intense.


Eerie Glue

Track: The Way You Talk From: Sloppy Seconds (Album) Label: Msabaha Records Out: Album out now

Solo project of Copenhagen based, Bünyamin Eroglu, who twists all manner of dream-pop and shoegaze through a noise driven aesthetic, that always has one foot rooted to luscious jangly melodies.



Track: Blame The Record From: Blame The Record (single) Label: Self released Out: Album out now

Dubai based trio, providing slow burning, jangled intensity and ambience that touches upon the issues of depressions and anxiety and implores us all to ‘slow the fuck down’, in the most beautiful of ways.

Vandalye · Blame The Record


Ci Gofod

Track: Castle Square From: Castle Square (single) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

Ci Gofod is the solo project of Jack Thomas Davies, who burns subtle jangled riffs through lo-fi ambience, to create a truly beautiful sense of slow burning melancholy.


Paradise in Toblerone

Track: Roses From: Carnival (EP) Label: Self Released Out: EP out soon (TBA)

First bit of chillwave that has got past my defences for a very long time. Based on the lusicious chiming jangled hook, this one just grabbed me and would not let go.

paradise in toblerone · roses (instrumental)


All Blood

Track: Red Herring From: Feeling Good 2.0 (album) Label:  Self Released Out: Now

Mixing lo-fi fuzz, to the jangled leftfield indie-pop of acts like Trying and Rocketship, this solo project of Jonathan Brokaw oozes originality from every conceivable musical pore.



Track: You’re So Rad From: Freaky Dreams (album) Label: Cheersquad Records Out: Album out now

The promo blurb describes this Melbourne act as ‘guitars that jangle and buzz with a textural undercurrent’. I will go with that as I cannot really fathom how to describe their brilliantly laconic sound myself !


Karima Walker & Katy Kirby

Track: Right By You From: Among Horses V (EP) Label: Son Canciones Out: EP out today.

We rarely dip a toe into indie folk, but the beautiful fluttered jangly acoustics and subtle intensity of the Alela Diane / Kimya Dawson mix, makes this stunning in a ‘the missing track from the Juno sountrack’ kind of way!

Wonderful without needing to get out of first gear!


Sketchy Lines

Track: New Leaf From: New Leaf  (single) Label: Self released Out: Now

Solo project of Fredrik Kjellman from Sweden, who taps into his inner Americana and courses wonderful slide guitars through all manner of Elliott Smith / Bright Eyes more pertinent, jangly moments.

Sketchy Lines · New Leaf


Juani Mustard

Track: Andrea, You Are A Selfish Woman From: Andrea, You Are A Selfish Woman (single)  Label: Burger Records Out: Now

If the mixture of Parker Longbough fuzz and Neutral Milk Hotel indie-folk strum whets your appetite…then feast down of this brilliance from Chilean, Juani Mustard.


Alex The Astronaut

Track: Banksia From: The Theory Of Absolutely Nothing (EP)  Label: Nettwerk Music Group Out: Album out 21 August 2020

Folk inflected pop, that dances with ATA’s inimitable sense of ear-worm. A song about the passing of a dear friend, the lyrics to this track are simply beguiling.


Precal Dropouts

Track: Saoirse From: Saoirse (single)  Label: Self released  Out: Now

Beautifully sparse, melancholy, anti shoegaze from this Fillipino trio. Music to ‘think’ to…

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