Beat The Delete #0064 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks for checking in to this weeks new music recommendations. It is a real mixed bag this week ranging from jangly twee and lo-fi,to sticky, dirty (brilliant) surf rock.

Remember to back any of these bands you like (and indeed music in general) in any possible way at your disposal. Music people need our support more than ever until that glorious day when we can sweat our socks off in badly ventilated venues, as a hairy arsed tatooed fella with a daft beard, pours his over-priced lager down your fave band T-Shirt….but strangely I still miss gigs!!!



Track: Vivid Dreams  From: Microcosmic Things (EP) Label:  Bam Bam Records Out: EP Out 10th July 2020

This is the last flyer single from an EP that promises all manner of leftfield Possible Humans / Primo! style, thwarted jangle. 


The Daily Spreadsheets

Track: I’ll Never Change  From: Block Universe (album) Label:  Self released Out: Now

With beautiful harmonies and and Dropkick style vocal perfection, these wonderful Brazilians add a post rock ambience that wraps itself around a spindly isolated dominant riff…pretty much the perfect mixture of yesteryear melodies and today’s leftfield jangle.



Track: Turpentine  From: Savoury-Toothed Tiger (album) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Solo project of Pete Marley, a man who knows a bit about the ‘retro sound’ after his time with The Nature Strip. This continues the retro vibe, mixing the better parts of 80’s pop rock with just that slight edge of fuzz-pop modernity.


Neutral on Paul

Track: Pills  From: Paper Brats (album) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Described in his Spotify bio as ‘ a recording project that consists of Tom Lamb (guitarist of The Brandon Callies Band, Atomic Robot) a pile of delay pedals, and a room full of, primarily, entry level instruments and a few great guitars’…’entry level’ or not, this act explodes the hitherto undoubted fact that all ‘lockdown made music’ is self indulgent rubbish.

It’s enough to restore your faith in virus music! 



Track: Cactus  From: Fontana (album)  Label:  Self released Out: Album out now.

Naked era Talking Heads meets the sort of leftfield jangly lo-fi that only those without a genuine plan can really pull off. A truly cool sound.


Remington Super 60

Track: Still Near  From: Still Near (single) Label:  Self released Out: Now

Taken from their forthcoming EP (out in autumn) Norway’s most pertinent veteran indie-poppers provide the perfect equal parts twee, other parts New Order sound, that the world has ever been treated to !!!


Tugboat Captain

Track: No Plans (For This Year) From: Rut (album) Label:  Double A-Side Records  Out: Album out October 2020

Londoners, Tugboat Captain, are back with their fluttering indie-pop / 60’s inflected melodies. Gorgeous as always, the quality of this single suggests the October 2020 releases of their ‘Rut’ album is going to be immense. 


Wiped Out

Track: Waves of Panic From: Waves of Panic (single) Label:  Self released  Out: Now

Darker, instrumental, chunky early 1960’s surf rock vibes…just as the jangly gods decreed ‘surfy’ should sound. Their promo notes state ‘The perfect music to pump through your Air Pods at the skate park’….but it is so much better than that!


New Age Healers

Track: In Dreams (feat. Katie Haley, Jim Biggs & My Young) From: In Dreams (single) Label:  Self released  Out: Now

Seattle based four piece (augmented by ‘et al’)  create a sonic swirl that is theatrical post rock psyche, laced with every bit of perfect jangle that they can muster. A truly glorious track.


Kevin J. McKay

Track: Headspace From: Neutral Mind (album) Label:  Cudighi Records  Out: Now

Michigan based McKay, creates a sparkling, slight beauty, out of the most fragile, dreamy wall of jangly guitars you could ever imagine being consumed by.


Cosmic Bummer

Track: Cosmic Bummer From: EP (EP) Label:  Self released  Out: EP out 03.07.20

The solo project of Seattle’s, Dave Kumler, twists psyche inflections through the finer parts of modern surf rock. This track has that laconic quality that will also appease aspiring slackers among us.



Track: Cracked Light From: Cracked Light (single) Label:  Shelflife  Out: Now

From the wilds of Lincolnshire, Corasandel threaten to drift into the beautiful fluffy of the Cocteau Twins, whilst ultimately remaining just that perfectly muscular and gaze-laden in texture. The absolute fit for Shelflife.



Track: Changing Colours From: Split (single) Label:  Self released  Out: Now

Think the fuzziest Fanclub sound possible, replete with the most beautiful LIPS style vocals and you have just about tapped into the potentail of Sacramento duo, Weathering.


Au Revoir Heart

Track: Thinkin’ Lots From: Cheeky’s Cerebrum (album ) Label:  Luna Tuna Records  Out: Now

Not so much stealing, but more squirreling away, the best of jangly lo-fi and coursing it through a deliciously hazy, laconic, not quite psych-pop vibe.



Track: Fixed Idea From: Free Advice (album) Label:  Paisley Shirt Records  Out: Now

Finally a modern band that get the whole Galaxie 500 thing right…beautifully surreal, slightly fuzzy, 90’s inflections. In this San Francisco foursome, the Paisley Shirt Records label continue their recent rich vein of form.


Desktop Alarm Clock

Track: Nothing Ever Happens From: Nothing Ever Happens (single) Label:  Self released  Out: Now

Lo-fi bedroom meets early era Bright Eyes, with just that bit of Elliott Smith melancholia thrown in. It all comes together beautifully.






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