Album Review – The Electorate – You Don’t Have Time To Stay Lost (2020) (self released)

Previously The Templebears of 90’s yesteryear, this acts reformation as The Electorate, enables us to receive the aural benefits of a band who plainly felt that there was the potential to create something special, by addressing obvious ‘unfinished business’. Thankfully, they were about as right as the very concept of right could possibly be.
The best of the album, feels a tad post-punk texture. Sliding the sense of slight mock darkness and forboding, that acts like The Auteurs and The Apartments bestowed upon the decade, whilst always having one eye on the extra sense of dynamism that the modernity of today’s indie-pop provides, tracks like Number 1, Skeleton, The Wrong Way Round and A Good Man are where late 80’s post-punk eventually ended up when it learnt how to smile a bit and took a jangle pill.
However, it is not just post-punk earworms though as You Don’t Have Time To Stay Lost becomes the champion of much that was good about 90’s guitars. As such we see the luscious fragility and rounded vocal intonantions of The Lightning Seeds guitar pop in Enormous Glorious Girl, joined by the isolated, distant riffs of The Bats inflected Peanut Butter Jars and the Triple J meets Blur aesthetic of If I Knew. Plainly the release jumps all around the 90’s, but makes a perfect landing everywhere.
Hopefully, they will not disappear for another 20+ years, as one of the best ways to fight the current crop of The Strokes revival bands and Tame Impala / Orange Rex County rip-offs, is to place guitars in the hands of acts like this and hope they just get on with it! 


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