Album Review – Heathers by Terry vs. Tori (2020) (El Genio Equivocado)

Terry vs. Tori are a Seville (Spain) based act, consisting of Erica Pender, Manuel Jiménez, Pablo González and José Prieto. The brilliance of their four previous shorter format releases since 2017, make them the definitive owners of ‘the best new band you have been listening to for years’ accolade.
Thankfully, this debut full length Heathers release, merely underlines that any patronage was wisely invested and confirms their fans as having long since entered the ‘kingdom of cool’ on the back of a jangly dream-pop aesthetic that has always been very much a two pronged attack.
Initially, ‘muscularity’ is represented in Keepsake Box, Driving Fast, Ohio Blue Tips and the superlative ttle track. All RGV and DIIV bombastic, chiming riffs course through a sound shakes the senses into action rather than gently cajoles awakenings. A Glom like prettiness is definitely still present, but a darker post-punk nuance is constantly spliced into the core and augment Erica Pender‘s natural vocal ambience.
The ‘gym bunny dream-pop’ subsides into tracks where the intensity and noise is reduced to reveal all manner of evocative beauty. Chambré leads the rise of the albums ‘pretty’, as the more subtle production and extra melodic intent, invites the sort of isolated, dominant jangled riff, that should ensure this track will be heading jangle-pop play lists for many years to come.
Such a template is replicated and augmented with further twists, as Magic Hour and Cascais (feat Foliage) slide towards the flighty dream-pop sound of a Holy Now type act, Whereas Braille and Parallel Lines imbue the more insistent dreamy energy of the LIPS / Hater sound. However and wherever these tracks veer off to, they are all engulfed in a typically sumptuous sense of jangly gorgeous.
Finally Terry Vs. Tori are here with the something substantial their abilities naturally deserve…and it’s one of the best albums of the year so far !!! Pick up a lovely slab of vinyl here.



Terry Vs. Tori  –  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Twitter
El Genio Equivocado  –  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Twitter

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