Album Review – Songs From Another Life by The Boys With Perpetual Nervousness (2021) (Bobo Integral)



You could line up a whole host of driven, melodic, harmonious power-pop bands, blindfold yourself and stick a pin in one of them and the chances are that the very best of the chosen p(r)icked act, will sound much like this Andrew Taylor (of Dropkick fame) / Gonzalo Marcos (of El Palacio De Linares) side project.
For this release follows precisely on from the sheer and absolute jangled beauty seen in 2019’s Dead Calm album (out of the Pretty Olivia Records label) and dares to tread just that little bit further into the more gregarious, dynamic power-pop territory that is frequented by the most well known of todays power-pop acts…and even has the temerity to do it better.
As such tracks such as Waking Up In Sunshine, How I Really Feel and I Don’t Mind slide over the edge of ‘ just genuine pretty’, by increasing the tempo and adding a subtle sense of ‘more’. More noise, more tempo, more percussion, just more.
Of course, in the hands of other acts, such bombast may diminish any sense of beauty. However, this duo could never be anything but sumptuous. It is their most natural modus operandi and is the reason why we have so eagerly awaited this album.
Of course when the tempo decreases and the harmonies usurp dynamism, we see the band return to the sheer laconic grace of the debut, with Can’t You See, Falling Through, Lethargy and In Between, providing the perfect vehicle for Taylor’s voice to smoothly reverse into.
Never hurried, never waivering, without the quirky inflections that much musical modernity insists upon in theor frontmen, Taylor’s is possibly the most perfect voice in jangle/power-pop at present (sorry Teenage Fanclub fans!).
Once again, a genuinely stunning album…as if there was ever any doubt it would be !!?



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