EP Review – Landscape Listens by The Purcells (2021) (Self released)


The Purcells are a Chicago based threesome consisting of Al Hennagir (vocals, guitars, percussion), Don Yanek (drums, percussion) and Bill Goodwyn (vocals, bass, keyboards). They could be described as ‘sporadic’ considering they have released just 2 singles, 2 EP’s and an album since 2012, with their last release being over 4 years ago.
It is most certainly worth the wait though, as there is a genuine warmth to this ‘traditional’ late 80’s jangle-pop aesthetic that hints at friends coming together, when they can, just because they love making music together.
Essentially, the EP can be divided into two definitive nuances, that are held together by a laconic core of dulcet. As such the best of the album can be seen in Back in the Yard, Hadley’s Eyes and Meditation Song. These tracks take the slighly downtrodden, but ‘prepared to bounce back’ sound of Miracle Legion as a foundation and augment it with the slightly disinterest, mid-paced melodies and tempo’s, that made THE US college rock of the era so important.
Alternatively, Landscape Listens and Same as Me increase the rock surrounds, isolate the jangled riffs and add the slightest of fuzz machinations. It’s more of a Dunedin Sound feel that reminds me of The Clean or A Straitjacket Fits type vibe. All manly grumble and casuality, that seems intent to hide any real effort.
Hopefully it will not be another 4+ years until The Purcells are back, however with a sound like this I am prepared to wait. Bandcamp follow button very firmly pressed!



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