Album Review – Piscinas y lagos by Rio Arga (2021) (Caballito Records / Snap Clap Club)


Long time readers of the blog will know that I have a somewhat definite penchant for Spanish indie-pop, of all nuances. Thankfully, this Piscinas Y Lagos second album, from Pamplona based foursome, Rio Arga, augments just about all of them.
The best of the album takes the best of spanish jangly twee-pop into greater heights with the opening title track, Dime si no es mejor and Tus monsergas the best of a clutch of tracks that drifts perfectly glib / twee vocals through the sort of subdued, fragile jangly riffs, that are reminsicent of fellow countrymen acts like The Yellow Melodies and Madbil. It’s the sort of almost cutesy, indie-chic saccharine that is so typically (and perfectly) Spanish-pop.
To avoid absolute ‘musical diabetes’, they add frequent different directions, dynamism and impetus. Vomitar treads into the fuzz-laden melodic water of Melenas.  All incessant guitars rhythms and energy, it’s a track that offers glimpses of a new direction that the act certainly have the potential to thrive within.
Similarly in Adolescente and Quiero desayunar the omnipotent jangly indie-pop is imbued with extra muscle, provided by a denser, dominant basslines and chiming riffs that pay a certain homage to the earliest eras of surf-pop/rock and once again displays the propensity of Rio Arga to indulge in new sounds in this release.
On their Facebook page they state ‘you have our best album here’ and despite the stiff competition, they are totally correct. Grab a vinyl copy here from Caballito Records / Snap Clap Club.



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