JanglePopHubMix #0010 – Editors Choice…Where September ’21 Jangled.


Thanks for joining us for another JanglePopHubMix bring you the Editors favourites tracks from jangle nuanced music released in September 2021...Check them all out in one Mixcloud show or individually below:
  1. Rural FranceSling Yr Hook (Meritorio Records)
  2. Royal Target  –  Suddenly (2021)
  3. Kid Chameleon  –  Mine To Lose (Self released)
  4. Iceblink  – Seared (Self released)
  5. Meyverlin  –  Archangel (Too Good To Be True)
  6. Flower Crown  –  Only Life (Crafted Sounds)
  7. MargotWatercolour (Full Time Hobby)
  8. Cephalo  –  Jeremy Irons  (self released)
  9. Iluminati HottiesThe Sway (Hopeless Records)
  10. Fort Revere  –  What To Say  (Self released)
  11. Blake  –  Blood on Their Hands (Subjangle)
  12. Perlin NoiseGlimpse of The World (Self released) 
  13. Couchboy  –  Blue Tomorrow (Self released)
  14. Why Dogs Why  –  Dress Well Enough (Very Jazzed)
  15. Crystal Meadows  –  We Can Get Away From Here (Self released)
  16. Sweet Nobody  –  Five Star Diary (Daydream Records)
  17. Pale Spectres  –  Supermarket Love (Self released)
  18. Silt Is  –  Sweller (Elf Medication Recording Commisionary)
  19. Falconet  –  Hydroplaning  (Self released)
  20. The Catherines  –  You Never Have Any Self Doubts Do You?  (TeenyTinyTapes)
  21. Monnone Alone  –  Pepper Jar (Lost and Lonesome)
  22. Hank!  –  Lady Street (Self released)
  23. The Hepburns  –  The Other Side of Grey (Elefant Records)
  24. Corridor  –  Et Hop (Sub Pop)
  25. Doug Tuttle  –  Planting Weeds (Self released)
  26. Grand Drifter  –  Haunted Life  (Sciopero / Subjangle
  27. Far West  –  A to Z  (Self released)
  28. The Smallgoods  – Where’ve You Been All This Time? (Lost and Lonesome)
  29. Blanco Tranco  –  Homecoming (Self released)
  30. Cephalo  –  Jeremy Irons  (self released)

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