EP Review – Betwixt by Seeking Madras (Self released) (2021)


The modern infactuation with the retro sound has seen all manner of bands drift further and further into the technological recesses of the ‘ever so yesteryear’ to find ‘that vibe’, that sounds like ‘that band’ from ‘that year’. The closer they get the more surprised they seem to be that they do not become as popular as The Beatles.
Having followed Seeking Madras avidly since the absolute brilliance of their Bike Ride (see review here) debut album from May 2018, they are one of the few acts who try and ultimately succeed, in coercing a sense of modernity from their overt loyalty the 8 track recording techniques of yore.
Perhaps it’s the perfect sense of ‘burnished’ they always convey? This somehow seems to simultaenously dilute and accentuate the sheer sense of beauty they always provide courtesy of the ever present jangled riffs.
The opening double salvo of To Salem, For Sport and Bridget Bishop present the most enegetic tracks of the release. Oozing salacious levels of Californian sunshine, the 8 track production techniques add hazy psyche inflections to both tracks and provide an almost dank foundation that enables disparate, The Byrds style riffs, to pierce the dulcet.
The remaining two tracks, Lenape Lines and Planting Flowers Around It, reduce the tempo and add the early 90s chiming riffs that are so reminiscent to the sound of The Cry. The muted production still acts as a core, but now there is feel of a The Kinks / Brit Invasion deliberation to the sound, that adds a strange sense of guile to the aesthetic.
Seeking Madras have only been releasing for a little over two years, but everything has been essential so far !!!






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