Album Review – Delusion Spree by Eades (2022) (Heist or Hit)


With several heavily vaccinated western countries now tiptoeing through the vagaries of no-restrictions COVID times, there feels the need within many societies to have that one big bombastic hurrah, that announces to the world ‘were back’ !
From the perspective of the jangle-pop genre, Delusion Spree by Leeds based Eades, just feels like it has that sort of f***you about it, as it ploughs it’s way directly through various jangly nuances, whilst ultimately remaining heavily biased toWards the more dynamic jangle-rock end of the genre.
At it most fervent, Backseat Politic, Smoking Hour and Former Warnings Cluster moveS through the Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever ramshackle jangle-pop gears, before adding thrust and hurtling straight towards the Dehd level of manic. The jangle is still prevalent darting around in a jittering attempt for recognition, but is consumed by the strangely mesmerizing energy.
Such dynamism cannot be maintained and indeed should not be if the album is going to have real substance and avoid unseemly punk comparisons. Thankfully as the intensity subsides, the quality never does, as the title track, Voodoo Doll and I’m Holding Back Your Hair convey a perfect Melbourne dolewave feel. All sumptuous jangled riffs amid, the pretence of disinterest, such tracks are all things so very The Stroppies / The Beths.
As the intensity reduces still further, the very best of the album can be heard in Reno, Ever Changing and Saying Forever. Here flat stringed riffs, twang with Pylon like anxiety, whilst being illuminated by chunky bass lines that are reminiscent of the recent Blanco Tranco aesthetic. It’s modern day jangly post-punk at it’s very finest and is the perfect foil to dilute some of the aggression within the release.
Essentially the overall vibe seems more hook driven and increasingly consumed with finding the balance between their omnipresent leftfield energy and a tune. This debut album finds such an equilbrium perfectly.






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