EP Review – Guided Imagery by Mo Dotti (2022) (Smoking Room)


May 2022. At a time when the pandemic was taking hold just about everywhere in the world (apart from the US, where Donald Trump did not have time to acknowledge it as he was to busy being nasty to Mexicans) Los Angeles based foursome, Mo Dotti, released a debut Blurring EP, that never really garnered the attention it genuinely deserved.
A tad under two years later and they are back with a follow EP that, if the music gods are smiling, will rectify such a wrong. For this act deserve to be heard in all their jangly noise-pop nuances.
Initially, the most intense sound on this release sees Loser Smile, Hurting Slowly and Lights On In The Sun, take a My Bloody Valentine foundation and drift a definitive sense of subtle through it, before allowing the stunning vocals of Gina Negrini to transform the sound into something more akin to the gorgeous demi-gaze of Lush.
Whilst the beauty is alway omnipresent, the title track and Come On Music provide an outlet for those who want their gaze completely submerged in reverb and distortion. Such tracks are Mo Dotti letting go, like they threatened but never really did on the debut, whilst still enabling just enough jangled riffs to filter through the noise rock mayhem.
Posiibly the finest track on the release and indeed the biggest outlier is All Dressed Up In Dreams. All genuine Holy Now style jangly indie / dream-pop in persuasion, the reduced intensity enables every single guitar note and word to resonate with a sense of lucid, that totally belies the ‘noise energy’ of the rest of the EP. It definitely suits.
With two superb EP’s now out, these Californians are possibly just a full length release away from the substantial critical acclaim they deserve.







  1. Enjoying Matt Dotti, thanks! Say what you will about Trump, he was the only president of the last 4 where Putin did not dare invade another country. Ukraine would still be standing with Trump. And if Trump was so “nasty” to Mexicans, why are they flocking to the Republican party in south Texas, where the borders are completely open to human trafficking, forced sexual slavery and fentanyl smuggling under Biden. Sometimes the truth doesn’t fit the narrative.

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    • “Say what you will about Trump…” …oh where to begin! Thankfully the voting polls, (free from Russian influence this time) did the talking !!! Sometimes the proof is in the voting pudding.

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