Jangle Jukebox #0003 – The Best of the weeks’ singles.


The week has been a great one for new singles…all of our favourites are below !

Notes App Apologies, is the latest single from the Even In Jest debut album that London based trio, Cheerbleederz, are releasing on 27 July 2022, on Alcopop! Records.
With a signature sound that has hitherto previously been decidedly more rambunctious in nature (see February 2020’s, superlative Labotany EP) this jangly indie-pop track shows another another side to their musical acumen and is likely to see the cardigan crowd, joined the tattooed indie rock masses.

The Sensitive’s latest single, Mono Donkey (released digitally only, on the Indonesian, Let’s Kiss A Secret label) offers an instant tribute to a world of early 90s,  The Field Mice / Aberdeen / The Trembling Blue Stars, flutterring jangly indie-pop fragility. 
Upon this core foundation they layer ‘that’ vocal sweetness that the best of the South East Asian acts offer (probably the closest recent comparison is the Letniy vibe) that just makes everything resound is a sense of ‘oh so gloriously fey’ and plants a gentle foot in twee-pop realms.
We need an album from this act….soon!

The In-Between Times album that Fika Recordings are releasing in late August 2022, is the first Let’s Whisper album have released since their brilliant debut, The Shortest Days of 2011.
Naturally after such a long hiatus this band, comprising of members of the The Smittens, Emma Kupa and even the backing vocals of Gary Olson, needs to offer an immediacy that will grab the attention. Here, The Thing That Defines You, excels on multiple levels.
With the precious, Scottish indie-pop laconic of the U.S. Highball sound, juxtaposed against the sort of chiming, folk-laden jangle that is currently embraced by the likes of The Telephone Numbers and The Umbrellas, this single is one of the best of the year so far.

After the success of a debut, New Long Leg (2021) album, that seemed to have the glossier zines falling over themselves with gushing adulation, London based foursome, Dry Cleaning, are already back with, Don’t Press Me, the first single from a forthcoming Stumpwork album that is out in late October 2022, on the 4 AD label.
Still gloriously art-punk, remaining bruised with with both the modern post-punk of acts such as Blanco Tranco / Primo! as still offering the leftfield guitar lines and semi-spoken word of the Lewsberg aesthetic, this single suggests Dry Cleaning have no intention of dropping their perfect sense of obtuse.

After numerous singles have been drip fed through to adoring Slack Times fans, this I’m Trying single appears to be the last track to be released, before Meritorio Records release the compilation, Carried Away album, on 24 June 2022.
Infusing a mix of psyche, blue collar rock and lethargic jangled melodies, this single is a fitting finale before the release of an album that offers the best of their back catalogue / EP’s, as well as 6 brand new tracks that were recorded especially for this release.

The Baggage Handlers have a had a busy June 2022, releasing a collection of their back catalogue on their extremely highly recommended The Baggage Handlers Collected EP and this two track Play Two Songs of The Bummers single, that this superb Zero Girlfriends track is from.
Intended as a tribute to a short lasting, Edmonton based act from the late 2000’s, this track resonates with the The Cry style chiming jangle, married to a ramshackle lo-fi jangle-rock that would also hint at early 60s surf rock, if it was not for that that it is simply too cool for all that !
Check this act out, for something very different.


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