EP Review – The Baggage Handlers Collected by The Baggage Handlers (2022) (Self released)


i know nothing about Edmonton, Alberta’s, The Baggage Handlers, other than they have that indecipherable sense of cool that can only really emanate from a band who really don’t care what anyone else thinks. It is essentially the sound of liberation and is the very lifeblood of the aesthetic of this entirely covers EP, that was initially recorded for 155pod cover section.
The very best of this release is heard in the more obviously obtuse Southbound (MXPX) and The (Nation) State I’m In (Propaghandi). Here flat stringed Pavement guitar work is juxtaposed with incessant, almost tinny, The Flatmates style jangled energies, as the leftfield vocals of a 1000 past, present and future, Paisley Shirt Records acts pierce their way through the most primitive of retro (non-)production techniques.
The remainder of the tracks, especially the cover of Millencolin’s, Lozin Most and The Ergs, Pray For Rain, get far more ‘fey’, perhaps even flirting with twee, without ever compromising the general left field quality.
Here a definitive sense of Adam Green & Kimya Dawson childlike cutesy is surrounded by an aesthetic that thrives upon their Moldy Peaches vibe. Simple to a crisp perfection, so lo-fi that they could almost be engaging in a phone call, this is an indie-pop sound that deserves to have some sort of pop-art / cult following in 25 years time !
Hopefully this act will get around to releasing an album of their own works in the near future. Alt. jangle fans like me, are always on the look out for new heroes and these could easily fit the bill !!!



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