Beat The Delete #0172 (Weekly New Music Recommendations)


Thanks for joining us for Beat The Delete #0172, bringing you an eclectic mix of 16 jangly nuanced tracks, from latest great acts and their releases. We hope you enjoy them and have a weekend full of joy and laughter !

Ribbon Stage

Track: Playing Possum From: Hit With The Most (album) Label: Perrenialdeath Out: Album out 16 October 2022
For all those that love the jangly, frenetic indie-pop of the Talulah Gosh or Dolly Mixture sound …pay attention, as you may well have found your new favourite act in this New York City based trio.

Free Time

Track: That’s Rare From: Jangle Jargon (album) Label: Bedroom Suck Records Out: Album out 30 September 2022
All furtive, slightly agitated thrust, in the same manner as The Feelies and augmented by Scott & Charlene’s Wedding Melbourne dolewave, this Aussie act out of New York, continue both cities ever burgeoning jangle-pop legacies.

The Variable Stars

Track: Junkfood Romance From: All Signs Point To Life (album) Label: Recorded Psychic Readings Out: Album out 15 August 2022
Jangy indie-pop in the mid 2000s vein of The Aislers Set, The Variable Stars have finally been given a career retrospective release of sorts by the Recorded Psychic Readings cassette label.
This is one of my most eagerly awaited releases on my ‘ooooh must get list’ and every follow button is pressed accordingly.

John McCabe

Track: Screeching Halt  From: No One Ever Says (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
California’s John McCabe is an old friend to these Beat The Delete pages and is likely to remain so, as he seems to consistently reach the heights of R.E.M at their most plaintive and jangly.

Jody and the Jerms

Track: Counting Dreams  From: The Harder I Try (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Oxford (UK) based act have that irresistable The Bangles feel about them that courses the most melodic of  jangle-pop, through subtle power-pop.

Jim Nothing

Track: Yellow House  From: In The Marigolds (album) Label: Melted Ice Cream Out: Album out 15.09.22
Modern day fuzz-pop, married to the dulcet tones of The Bats and the sugar sweet, disinterested vocals of the mid 90s Brit-pop chanteuses. For fans of anything Flying Nun.

Das Phaedrus

Track: Stop At Nothing  From: Dark Winning (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
I so desperately want to tout this sound as a traditional, 80s style college rock vibe. However, that essence is always augmented by that brilliant, underplayed, antipodean brilliance that so many of the Triple J and Dunedin sound acts offer.

The Crystal Furs

Track: Charlatan  From: Coastal Light (Album) Label: Reckless Yes Out: Album out in the U.S. fall (date TBA)
Long time readers of the blog will know of my absolute adulation of this Portland based trio. All 70s/80s retro production and jangly indie-pop modernity, the forthcoming album is bound to be all kinds of special, if this lead single is at all indicative.

Higher Selves Playdate

Track: Coming Up Roses  From: Coming Up Roses (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Formed within the flames of the pandemic, this Fairfax (Virginia) duo of Jessica Kallista and Steve Fitzpatrick, marry melodic fuzz to the indiest of indie-pop sensibilities. The epitome of consummate cool.

Orlando Mon Amour

Track: Canta otra canción From: Vacaciones en Orlando (EP) Label: Discos De Kirlian Out: EP out September 2022
The acts on the Discos De Kirlian label are always perfectly buffed and crisp, signature Spanish twee-pop. This superb Orlando Mon Amour act offers something different, by augmenting their sound with a subtle, twanging riffs. Superb stuff !


Track: Painted Over  From: Tripsitter (EP) Label: Candlepin Records Out: Now
This recording project of Brooklyn based Colton Walker, adds a haunting sense of ethereal to a jangle-gaze genre that appears to be showing no signs of losing momentum. It certainly will not do with such great acts like this continually emerging.

Paradise Blossom

Track: Shape of You  From: Shape of You (single) Label: BIRTHDiY Out: Now
This is the 2nd single in as many months from the Fresno, California based solo duo and it is hard for me to think of a recent act, within the jangle-gaze genre, that has made such an immediate impression on me.

Chris Kyle

Track: Underneath The Stars  From: Underneath The Stars (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
This Brooklyn based act provides the most chill inflected, lowest of lo-fi, bedroom-pop imaginable and courses subtle jangle-pop through its very core. It’s the slowest of lazy sunshine days, music has to offer.

Austin Albright

Track: Goldfish  From: Goldfish (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Mixing the quirky fuzz-pop of Guided By Voices, to a strange jangly groove inflected sense of perfect leftfield, Philadelphia’s Austin Albright, offers the sort of originality that refuses to be pigeon-holed !


Track: Quiet Selfish Man  From: Quiet Selfish Man (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Ladislav Tesar, a.k.a. Ladat, is a Czech musician, songwriter/lyricist and author of many compositions who lives and works in the Swiss city of Chatel-Saint-Denis. Always subtle, always ambient, this artiste has that rare gift of being able to create consummate beauty out of simple jangled sounds.

Joan of Arkansas

Track: Erase Me  From: Distortionista (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Guided by Voices style fuzz, given an extra energy that borders on pop-punk, but ultimately always manages to retain an indie allure. Their promo blurb states “We just want to be one of the bands that your cool cousin puts on a mixtape”…they acheive that with aplomb !


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