EP Review – The Wife Guys Walk Into Oncoming Traffic by The Wife Guys of Reddit (2022) (Self released)


Glasgow based foursome, The Wife Guys of Reddit, follow up on the overt critical acclaim afforded their previous two EP’s (Four Songs EP (2020) and Wet and Tired  (2021)), with another extended play release that continues to take various detours into the depths of indie obtuse.
Essentially, The Wife Guys Walk Into Oncoming Traffic is an exemplary exercise in the art of muical detour and faux detour. At it’s very best Wife Guys Diss Track and Dudes Rock! both start off with bubbling, dulcet jangling riffs, before crashing through a multitude of detours, that gives the effect that each track is going ‘here’ but never actually reaches ‘there’.
Imagine the manic clutter of Devo, held together by at least some deference to traditional song structure and you are just about in the right, gloriously weird, ball park that this aesthetic dwells in.
Of course the EP cannot continue within such obtuse and incessant realms and Gloria In Excelsis Deo! and Let Me A Play A Serious One tone the release down somewhat, without ever losing any of it’s inimitable indie credibility.
Here the tracks move towards the threat of exploding into indie rock. Simmering just below the surface, like the soft part of the oft used soft/loud dynamic, they continually flirt with increasing tempos and intensity before withdrawing back to a  more subdued baseline. These tracks are not the absolute weird of the faster tempo ones, but they still manage to gravitate around a sound that is rapidly becoming unique to this act.
Perhaps just a full length release and a decent label away from becoming Glasgow’s next big indie thing, The Wife Guys of Reddit have yet to put a foot wrong.







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