Beat The Delete #0173 (weekly new music recommendations)


Thanks for joining us for Beat The Delete #0173. This week we are bringing you our weekly new music recommendations on a Friday, whereas last week it was a Thursday…and they say there is no excitement in music anymore ?!
What can I say…I guess I am just a renegade maverick, always looking for a leftfield angle to keep my keen sense of individuality and promote my quest for a personal freedom that is not bound by the conventions of ‘the man’.
Who knows, next week it could be a Wednesday, because, I…AM…CRAZY !!!


Track: Lily From: Lily (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
With the heavily strummed jangled guitar riffs and sense of purposeful mayhem of Palehound, this Toronto based foursome are all manner of battered jangle rock.

Field Guides

Track: Agios Skillas From: Ginkgo (album) Label: Whatever’s Clever Out: Now
Bill Callahan vocal intimacy, interwoven with the hushed tones of someone who has delved deep into his introspection and found it is best expressed via subtle, jangly guitar-pop. This project of Benedict Kupstas is truly beautiful.

The Happy Somethings

Track: Not In This Life From: RUNNING AWAY with THE HAPPY SOMETHINGS (album) Label: Subjangle Out: Now
Taking the jangly indie-pop of the Bubblegum Lemonade / The Hannah Barberas sound and mixing it with the retro indie of The Crytsal Furs, this 20 track compilation of new and old tracks, is essential listening.

Daydream Johnny

Track: Humans Are Scum From: Dust (EP) Label: Self released Out: Now
Nestled perfectly between the fuzzy jangle of The Umbrellas and the spacious soundscapes of Harrison Whitford, this track is just one of those that your mouse just naturally gravitates to !?

Paul Cook & Chronicles

Track: Little Truth From: Little Truth (single) Label: Grandpa Stan Ltd Records Out: Now
Whether he is offering 60s inflected guitar pop or 70s west coast sunny climes, Londoner, Paul Cook, has the uncanny knack of finding consistently beautiful melodies.

Opus Anthem

Track: Fade Into Light From: Unwinding Time (album) Label: Self released Out: Now
After a long hiatus, this solo recording project of Seth Barthels is back with typically light and airy, jangly indie-pop, in a manner that somehow purveys a strange, but beguiling sense of muted cinematic, amid its swirling aural landscapes.


Track: Softly From: Softly (single) Label: Practice Music Out: Now
Moving within the more melancholy, Ghost Mail end of the dream-pop lexicon and always managing to add some jangly, fuzzy muscularity to her guitar riffs, this project of Natasha Simões is one that is likely to grow stronger with every subsequent release.

Visa on Arrival

Track: Falling With Friends From: Falling With Friends (single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Guitar-driven melodies layered with fluffy synths to create a dreamy sound. The hard-hitting, catchy chorus captures summer feelings that are both nostalgic and adventurous.
Its Dayglow with less of a washed out essence and more definitive jangle ! A debut single that reeks of huge potential

Frass Green

Track: 35 Years From: Buried (Album) Label: Ghost Courter Out: Album out 09 September 2022
A strange, but beautiful mix of Idlewild style massive indie rock, Teenage Fanclub jangled power riffs and the very slightest of gaze/fuzz inflections. Bizarrely this is the first I have heard of this act…it will not be the last !!!

Triangle Rain Club

Track: In My Head From: In My Head (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Long time friend of these Beat The Delete pages, the comment from Henry Lipput on the Bandcamp release page, sums this sound up perfectly:
“Wow! What a cool sound! It’s The Lemonheads meets shoegazers!”

Puerto Diablo

Track: This Can’t Be Right From: This Can’t Be Right (Single) Label: Self released Out: Now
Those of you that find the indie cool in Neutral Milk Hotel style of fuzz laden, indie-pop spurious, might well have found a new darling in the sound of this Pittsburgh based Puerto Rican.

The Grinning Ghosts

Track: Honest From: Yolk and Shell (EP) Label: Sick City Records Out: EP release date to be announced.
The Microphones style laconic, folk meets indie pop / guitar-pop, juxtaposed with a slight fuzz laden, retro production that adds instant indie credence!

The Dwindles

Track: Chance From: The Dwindles (EP) Label: Self released Out: EP release date to be announced.
For those who like their jangle-pop delivered in the style of early era The Cure / Post-Punk, then this St.Catherines, Ontario, based foursome should be floating your boat !

Silver Liz

Track: Missing The Party From: Missing The Party  (single) Label: Self released Out: EP release date to be announced.
Silver Liz lies equidistant between the sweetness of dream-pop, the hazy otherworldliness of gaze and jangly fuzz-pop. As impossible as the mixture sounds, this Brookly based duo pull it off with consummate aplomb.

Proof I Exist

Track: The End From: White Picket Fences (EP) Label: Self released Out: EP release date to be announced.
This solo recording of Cleveland’s Paul Kulis, takes  bedroom-pop essences and course the slightest of fuzz-pop and warm vocals through it’s core. It’s that outsider vibe, so beautifully reminiscent of Gorgeous Bully in his ‘prettier moments’.

Youth Valley

Track: I Don’t Want To Go Out With You, Veronica (feat. Serafim Tsotsonis)
From: I Don’t Want To Go Out With You, Veronica (single) Label: Make Me Happy Records Out: Now
Lifted directly from their promo blurb as it sums their sound up so much better than I ever could! …
Youth Valley was created in 2019 and is currently based in Athens, Greece. The band’s style revolves around genres like new wave, post punk and 80’s indie rock like the Cure’ or ‘the Smiths dressed in a more contemporary shoegaze guitar-based coat, inspired by bands like DIIV’.”


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