Jangle Jukebox #0006 – The Best of the weeks’ singles.


If someone was to leave America, hold a gun to my head and say “oi you…what genre are the New Age Healers‘?…I would wiggle within my soiled underpants and offer a hopeful ‘shoegaze’, to my would be assailant.
However, they are so much more than that, as the sheer brilliance of this Setting Sun single testifiles. Nestled somewhere equidistant between The Stone Roses / The Real People, 90s style spatial production and a psyche-rock that always has one foot firmly planted within jangle-pop territories, this is the Seattle based quintet at their absolute finest.

Continuing the glorious resuscitation of a The Chesterfields project that had lay dormant for 25+ years (prior to the superlative New Modern Homes in 2021), this Yeovil based foursome follow up the simply wonderful Our Songbird Has Gone single (Mr Mellow Music) by joining the always reliable Spinout Nuggets label, to release their latest, Mr. Wilson Goes To Norway track (full release of A and B sides on 26 August 2022).
Somewhat more playful, in a The Kinks / The Frank and Walters way, this tracks sees them swap guitar incessance for jangly indie-pop with consummate ease.

I Fall Into Her Arms is the first single off a forthcoming MTV album that is being released by Lame-O Records on 02 September 2022.
The release sees Mo Troper swap the perfect mayhem of October 2021’s, Dilettante, for a more laconic twanging pop that is so reminiscent of Ryan Marquez projects such as Apple Orchard and The Umbrella Puzzles.
With the added augmentation of Tropers’ perfectly imperfect, made for indie, leftfield vocals, this single will do not nothing to detract from this Portlanders’ burgeoning reputation as the coolest act around right now !

If Mo Troper (above) maight have started caressing his inner lovely, then this Teens in Trouble project of Lizzie Killian (previously of The Glowing Stars and Sputterdoll) seems prepared to step into the buzzing incessant world he left behind.
Following up on the brilliance April 2022’s, I’m Not Worried single (also out of Asian Man Records), this Decomposing track hisses with the sort of fuzz-laden noise-pop and power-pop machinations that raise a middle finger to all manner of traditional musical conventions, whilst still managing to retain a strange, yet beguiling sense of faux melody.

This Haunted Love track, is the latest single from the Doleful Lions project of Jonathan Michael Scott, that continues to remain indie music best kept secret. This exert from their Bandcamp profile sums this act up better than I ever could…I hope you find them too !
Doleful Lions are one the great lost bands of modern times, its not an under achiever thing rather more that they’ve been constantly overlooked in favour of ensembles, fads and fashions less musically astute and considerably less talented, always occupying their own little orbit shying away from the various bandwagons that have come passing them by (Mark Barton (The Sunday Experience))

Continuing with the melodic noise, Melbourne’s The Prize, forgo the city’s jangly dolewave propsensity to provide us with something more buzzsaw.
Described by someone extremely astute (…or me?) as the Ramones having found an extra chord and shoving such noise-pop melodic flirtations through a Buzzcocks grinder, this Wrong Side of Town track (the title track of the EP out on Anti Fade Records on 02.09.22) comes out if the other end as The Undertones with a Shop Assistants insistence on melody.


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